Anatomy visible

All major systems of the human body are explained and illustrated in our atlas: skeleton, muscles, cardiovascular system, reproductive organs, nervous system ... With more than 80 boards, hundreds of definitions and dozens of animations, our interactive atlas Offers you a true inner adventure.

Cardiovascular device

Before we plunge into the details of our organs, why not discover those visible to the naked eye? In the feminine or masculine version, discover a few large organs in a few clicks: Discover this

Digestive System

The heart is a hollow muscle organ shaped like a pear between the lungs, in the middle of the chest. It ensures the circulation of blood throughout the body via a complex blood system. Discover all the secrets in a few clicks. Discover this board

Endocrine system

The digestive system is composed of numerous organs: esophagus, stomach, small intestine ... It is it that ensures the digestion of food. From the mouth to the anus, discover everything about the actors of a good transit! Discover this board

Lymphatic system

Muscular system

Nervous system

Urinary tract

Respiratory system


Reproductive device

The endocrine apparatus consists of glands, which release hormones distributed in the body via blood. These organs are located in very diverse areas of the body: in the cranial chamber, thorax, abdomen, pelvis, neck ... Discover all the discrete players of this system essential to the proper functioning of the body .; Discover this board

This system allows the circulation of the lymph, a translucent liquid from the blood. It allows the transport throughout the body of certain nutrients such as lipids and intervenes mainly in the processes of defense of the organism (by distributing the white cells that fight against the germs).

Consisting of elastic fibers, the human body has some 600 muscles. By contracting and relaxing, they allow the body to be animated, move and move, as well as to stand in position.

In six anatomical plates, we reveals to you the urinary devices of the man and the woman. This extensive filtration system includes kidneys and bladder. But thanks to your mouse, you will discover the essentials on this network indispensable to life .. Discover this board

The function of the respiratory system is to supply oxygen to the blood and to expel gaseous waste, consisting mainly of carbon dioxide, from the body. These gas exchanges take place at the level of the lungs .. Discover this plate

The skeleton is the framework of human anatomy, which supports the body and protects its internal organs. At birth, babies have about 350 bones, a large part of which will bind during growth. In adulthood, the skeleton is composed of 206 bones. Discover this plate

The reproductive system gathers all the organs assigned to reproduction. These sexual organs will allow the fertilization of a spermatozoon and an egg. Ready to multiply, this cell-egg will be at the origin of the future baby Discover this plate