The breath specialists

Many asthmas remain unknown, because they do not manifest themselves in typical crises. Even when diagnosed, many patients are not being treated optimally. To make the most of it, it is important to consult the right people, benefit from the support of associations and other patients.

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You happen to be breathless for no reason or to have bouts of cough often nocturnal. Your child has a wheeze, a dry cough or can not get his breath after an effort. This may be an asthma and an accurate diagnosis should be made as soon as possible. Know who to visit.

Contacts and useful sites

Every day, thousands of surfers find themselves on our forums and our cats. Join them! Come exchange tips to better manage your asthma, support each other ... Ask a question, there will always be someone to answer you.

To improve the daily life of asthmatics, many associations offer advice and services that meet the expectations of patients. Below are the addresses, sites and telephone numbers you need.