Difference between extension and weaving

When one has frizzy and / or curly hair, one has the impression of being caught in the trap of its hair and its style. Outside, even though black women's hair may be recalcitrant to some hairstyles, extensions are a good way to change heads without causing too much pain to her hair. Zoom on extensions.

Extensions for extensible purses

The hair of black populations is often weakened by multiple straightening. The quality and nature of the hair are altered by the many transformations that hair undergoes.

The weaving and the extensions will give the same result: they will lengthen the length of the hair. But the concern with weaving is that it is sewn to the root of the hair and thus prevents it from breathing. It is very bad for the scalp which is thus asphyxiated. It dries up and the hair is damaged It is true that the weaving or the additions are much cheaper than the extensions. The price can be multiplied by 4 or 5, or even 10 for high-end extensions, but these techniques are far less respectful of the nature of the hair. In any case, poor quality is seen and all your beauty is lessened. In the extensions flee the cheap and treat yourself to quality care. The ideal if you can afford it is to use real hair that merges with yours.

The principle of extensions is to "stick" new hair, of the desired length, on your current hair. For a result of a maximum quality, natural substitutes will be laid with keratin and not glue, which leaves traces much too visible .; If the extensions, because of their quality, are more and more successful , A small flat is to be specified. The extensions are not necessarily for all scholarships. It is necessary to count at least 600 € for a pose of hair with a specialist. And you will not have the privilege of parading with your new dream hair "that" 8 months .. The advantage with this type of benefit is that your comfort is total. You will soon forget that this hair does not belong to you and you will lead a normal life without any special constraint.

With extensions, get smooth, long hair overnight for maximum seduction!