Focus on alcoholic hepatitis

Hepatitis A, B or C are known but they are not the only diseases of the liver. Also discover alcoholic hepatitis (the leading cause of hepatitis in the United States), drug hepatitis and other less known viral hepatitis (hepatitis D, E, F and G).

Focus on drug hepatitis

In the United States, alcohol is the most common cause of hepatitis! However, it is difficult to quantify this condition because the symptoms associated with alcoholic hepatitis are small when the symptoms are minor. Be careful, however, as alcohol-induced liver damage may in some cases prove fatal. "Read our article

Panorama of hepatitis D, E, F and G

Inflammation of the liver due to medication (an abuse or specific drug), drug-induced hepatitis can manifest itself in several forms and have important health consequences. Explanations: Read our article

Towards a drug preventing hepatitis by overdose of paracetamol?

If the main viral hepatitis is hepatitis A, B and C, there are also other rare forms, namely hepatitis D (or delta), E and possibly F and G. we takes stock.

Australian researchers have identified the mechanism responsible for hepatic toxicity in an overdose of paracetamol, paving the way for the development of a drug capable of preventing this effect. Read our article

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