HIV / AIDS Vaccine: Reasons to Hope

The evolution of research has allowed the development of multiple therapeutic solutions. Encouraged by the appearance of resistance, the development of a vaccine is now recognized as the only way to stop this scourge.

The paths of a future vaccine

After 20 years of failure, the positive results of a study in Thailand revive the hope of a vaccine against HIV / AIDS. On the eve of the World Congress on this topic, we is back on the issue of such a therapeutic weapon, the recent controversies as well as the research tracks .. Read our article

Between hope and disappointment Interview with Prof. Girard of EuroVac

Despite the progress of multiple therapies, this scourge continues to grow. Unrealistic enough, the development of a vaccine is now recognized as the only way to stop the global epidemic: Read our article

New pathway for a vaccine against AIDS (February 2003)

Faced with the increase in the number of cases of resistance and the difficulty of access to antiviral medicines, work on the development of an AIDS vaccine is regaining interest. The point with Prof. Marc Girard, President of EuroVac, European AIDS Vaccine Research Network, Read our article

Antiretrovirals to reduce the risk of HIV infection

When the body alone controls HIV infection

AIDS vaccine: a promising new path

Thanks to a vaccine, two teams of French researchers succeeded in awakening the immune system of patients infected with the AIDS virus, allowing some to stop their treatment. These very encouraging results could change the care of HIV positive people tomorrow. Decrypting this world premiere Read our article

According to an international study, oral intake of antiretrovirals in prevention reduced the risk of HIV infection sexually among men who have sex with men by 44%. Encouraging, however, these findings need to be put into perspective in order not to lead to the "wild use" of antiretroviral drugs or to any condom use. "Read our article

Nearly one in 300 people has HIV protection, never moving to AIDS. For nearly 20 years, researchers have been mobilizing the secret of this immunity, hoping to reproduce it in treatments or vaccines. Today, this mechanism is partly elucidated. Read our article

Adopting an innovative strategy, a French team has developed a new potential vaccine against AIDS. Tested on macaques, it offered 100% effective protection. we gives you the results of this promising discovery, which will require confirmation in humans. Read our article


Inhibitors proteases

Reverse transcriptase inhibitors

The fusion inhibitors

The interleukins