When can we resume sexual activity after a Caesarean section?

You gave birth by caesarean and you wonder when you can resume your usual activities? Read the following.

When can we take baths after a Caesarean section?

Like any surgery, a Caesarean section requires some daily adjustments within weeks or even months. But how long does it take to restore good old habits? We interviewed Laura-Line (28 years old and Mom of a 1 year old boy) as well as three experts: Pr Jacques Lansac, gynecologist-obstetrician, Pr Claire Beylot, dermatologist, and Dr. Bernadette de Gasquet, physician.

When can one expose her scar to the sun after a caesarean?

Expert advice: First of all when madame feels like it, when there is no more bleeding and the wound of the belly does not hurt any more. But there is no urgency, calm the ardor of sir!

When can one carry his baby / elder after a Caesarean section?

Mother's Word: Even though I had no particular apprehension, my spouse was careful when we had our first postpartum sexual intercourse 3 weeks after the Caesarean section. I was right not to worry because everything went very well.

When can one begin her perineal / abdominal rehabilitation after a Caesarean section?

When can we restart the sport after a Caesarean section?

When can we depilate the jersey again after a Caesarean section?

When can I get an IUD after caesarean section?

When can you rebuild a child after a Caesarean section?

Expert word: The scar must be closed and clean, and especially that it does not suppurate. The dressing should be dry and the wound healthy, but the duration varies according to women.

Mom's word: I was taken off the dots on the day I left the maternity ward and I did not have any specific instructions on this. I took a bath a week later, worry-free.

Expert opinion: One does not risk to "aggravate" his scar if one exposes it to the sun, just to hyperpigment it. The sun still has an anti-inflammatory action that is not so "evil" as that, at this level there anyway. So we can expose it the summer following its caesarean but the best is still to apply a total screen on it.

Parole de Maman: I never had to expose it since the scar - horizontal - is located just below the elastic of the swimsuit and therefore well hidden.

Expert advice: Have your spouse wear the previous children and heavy packs for 3 months after the Caesarean section to avoid shooting at them.

Mother's Word: At the maternity clinic, I was clearly told to help me in the first month to carry water or milk packs and to climb a staircase with a baby for example.
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Expert's speech: One must see if the large right muscles of the abdominals are separated or not, and sometimes, abdominal rehabilitation is necessary. But it is a prescription, not an obligation. As for the perineum, not having been requested as is the case in a natural delivery, it is not useful.

Mother's Word: The doctor told me not to begin my perineal rehabilitation until one month after giving birth and that I could do abdominal rehabilitation only afterwards.

Start with resuming swimming or walking rather than mountain biking or wrestling, but like a physiological childbirth, let yourself have a good month before you get back to it.

Mother's Word: My doctor told me not to resume sport until my abdominal rehabilitation was over. Of the 10 physiotherapist sessions he prescribed, I only needed 6 of them before the physiotherapist decided that I could take up the sport again. At the beginning of rehabilitation - mainly low-intensity abs exercises - the scar tugged at me and hurt me, but more at the end.

Expert opinion: Waiting 2 months seems reasonable to make the scar dry.

Mom's word: Fierce for years, I could not wait for more epilation! I took it badly: even if the beautician was careful not to depilate the scar itself, I had very bad when she pulled the wax by pulling the skin all around.

Expert opinion: If there was no particular complication during the Caesarean section, contraceptive resumption is no different from low birth.
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After 10 days I took a pill that is compatible with breastfeeding but I intend to have an IUD now.

Expert opinion: A one-year interval between caesarean section and the beginning of a new pregnancy is recommended to allow the uterus to recover. Especially if the cause of Caesarean section is not permanent (bad presentation of the baby for example), we will try as much as possible to have a natural delivery for the next pregnancy. It is better, then, that the uterus should be well healed. But if the woman is again pregnant 3 months later and a new caesarean is needed, there is no death of a man.

Parole de Maman: I was advised to wait 1 year before getting pregnant again. It falls well, the next is not planned for now!

- Interview with Pr Jacques Lansac, former president of the French National College of Gynecologists and Obstetricians (CNGOF), author of the book Le Grand Livre of my pregnancy (Editions Eyrolles), February 6, 2013. Beylot, professor emeritus of dermatology at the University of Bordeaux 2, former head of the department of dermatology at the CHU de Bordeaux and vice-president of the thematic group of aesthetic dermatology and corrector of the French Society of Dermatology, February 6, 2013 - Interview with Laura-Line G., February 3, 2013 - Dr. Bernadette de Gasquet, physician and author of "En forme forme après bébé", the method of Gasquet et Périnée, let's stop the massacre! (Press release from the Césarine association, www.cesarine.org) - Testimonies, articles and bibliography of the www.cesarienne.net website - Patient information sheet on the scheduled Caesarean section, CNGOF 1999)

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