To each his apple

Eat apples! It's not just a political slogan, it's a healthy gesture! If all fruits are good for the body, this is especially true for the body. Far from the oranges or bananas the apple is thus the most consumed of the French. Golden, Granny Smith, Gala ... All have their benefits. Discover the secrets of these delicacies and the ideas of classic or original recipes.

Recipes without seeds!

Croquer is the first healthy gesture! Because the apple, with its fibers, its minerals and its vitamins is an essential asset in a balanced diet. But how to choose from all the existing varieties and different origins? What are the real virtues for health? Discover the secrets of this fruit, to savor it all the year!

The Apple

Chewing in an apple is a pleasure. But this fruit is also the basis of many culinary preparations. Raw or cooked, salty or sweet, several recipes honor the apple. From the famous tart to the compote to the salads, discover ideas of surprising or amusing dishes but always easy to prepare and succulent! For young and old alike.

Recipes for apples