Blonde hair for what type of hair?

Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Ritchie, Amel Bent ... in the land of the stars the blond locks are of all the hair. Ideal for glowing hair, this technique requires careful maintenance. Beautiful blond locks highlight the haircut and soften the features. But how to have beautiful blond locks? Charlotte Catherin, color expert for Dessange reveals her secrets. Ready to shed light on blond locks?

Blonde hair, blond or flash scan: what differences?

If all types of hair can be lightened in one or two tones, blond hair is reserved for light bases (blond or chestnut hair). On the other hand, the nature of the hair does not matter: smooth, curly or curly, there are no contraindications.

How to maintain his blond locks?

The blond locks can dry out the hair fiber. It is therefore best to have healthy hair to resort to this technique.

Home blonde hair, one tries or not?

Sweeping, wicks or flashes, it is difficult to find oneself. However, behind these technical words are hidden particular processes and different results.

The blond hair in practice

The blonde sweep allows to lighten the hair in a very natural way and gives a sunny effect to the hair.

This technique consists of making wicks rather broad and marked on the whole of the hair. Less natural than sweeping, the wicks require a lot of maintenance. For Charlotte Catherin "the locks are often very marked and offer a result a little spaghetti."

The technique clears a few wicks on the top of the head to create natural reflections that blend into the hair.

In general, blond hair requires special attention. To avoid seeing his fuses yellowing and fading, it is important to use adapted products: "the blond is precious, it must be maintained to keep beautiful shades. I advise to use a shampoo based on natural pigments once a week to keep beautiful reflections "advises the expert.

Then, on a daily basis, care is given to silicone-free, nourishing treatments that hydrate the hair fiber and make it silky and shiny.

Finally, when styling, a shine serum or brushing milk is used which beautifies the texture and boost the color.

Contrary to coloring, blond hair demands a real know-how that only hairdressers master. Indeed, for our pro of the colo "it is necessary to choose a good professional who will realize a real consultation which will make it possible to obtain the desired result". Indeed, the blonde is a color difficult to manipulate. To get the expected result, nothing should be left to chance. It is therefore strongly advised to entrust his hair to someone who knows what he is doing.

The blond locks require frequent maintenance which varies according to the hair growth.

For blond hair, count 2 to 3 hours spent with the hairdresser. This includes product application, break time, rinsing, shampooing and generally brushing. But this delay is only an average, it can vary depending on the length and your hair type.

According to hair salons, prices can vary from single to triple. The price can also depend on the length of your hair but the average budget is around 80 € with brushing.

Some brands of hairstyles are famous for their mastery of blond hair. Among them, the salons Dessange or Franck Provost. But you can also get beautiful blonde locks in a local hairdressing salon, in this case, prefer word of mouth.

Acknowledgments: Charlotte Catherin, color expert for Dessange