With the cold, your skin reminds you to order. Celebrating its 25th anniversary, Absolute Cream of Ictyane is the ideal product for pampering. Discover its pretty round pot, ultra feminine, which will seduce all the dry skins.

Ducray's absolute care cream is not unknown to dry skin. But its 25th anniversary gives us the opportunity to look back on this concentrate of sweetness to better (re) discover it to the dry skin and / or attacked by the winter climate.

One of the advantages of this cream is, beyond its effectiveness, its versatility: for the body, the face ... Ultra respectful of the most sensitive skins, the whole family can abuse without moderation! Br>

With its complex vaseline / glycerine, the absolute care cream was thought for dry skin. Applied morning and evening on the whole body, the skin quickly regains a certain comfort. Same effectiveness on the face. The epidermis attacked by the cold which begins to desquamer will find very quickly a real quality of skin. But small flat. If the cream Ictyane brings you a real hydration result, it does not bring this little more "coup d'éclat" that we offer some creams of day. A little blow of light always come when our complexion is at half mast.

On the sensory side, the formula, both thick and light of this cream, transforms the application into a very pleasant moment. It slides on the skin and penetrates quickly. Note: after the application, you will feel like a film on the surface of the skin, which can be a little embarrassing during the first applications but which one forgets rather quickly. This veil is necessary to wrap the skin and maintain a good rate of hydration on its surface but also to slow desiccation.

Finally, the perfume of this care is a real happiness. This famous fragrance typical of the care of the Ictyane range is simply intoxicating.

To sum up, this cream for body as for the face, because of the lack of shine and the small greasy film will be advised more. But the dry skins or attacked by the cold will find in this cream, a true care doudoune

Ictyane Cream - Ducray - 20 €