Agar-agar: an alga to temper your appetite

Two algae are currently in vogue for their nutritional benefits and their impact on the line. Extracted from a small red alga, agar absorbs water and forms a protection that sucks your fats and sugars. By swelling it acts as an appetite suppressant saturating the stomach. As for spirulina, this blue algae would have anti-diabetes properties. Presentation ...

Use agar-agar

Algae have many virtues. The most popular today: agar-agar and spirulina.

Spirulina, the anti-diabetes ally?

Agar is a 100% vegetable gelling agent, extracted from a small red algae which is commercially available in the form of a white powder. Made up of 80% soluble fiber, it swells in the stomach and tempers the appetite. In addition, agar forms a kind of gel that "traps" cholesterol. Traditionally used in Japanese food, this algae extract has many advantages if you want to lose weight. As with all other soluble fibers (found in most fruits and vegetables at much lower doses), the agar-agar captures some of the fat and Sugars of the meal, thus reducing the assimilation of calories by our organism, says Anne Dufour, in his book Agar-Agar, the new anti-kilos weapon. On average there is a reduction in calories consumed in the order of 300 per day ".

You can consume the agar in many ways: before your meal for example, one minute before the end of cooking of your dishes or in recipes slimming type fruit jelly, flan ... If you choose to consume the agar- Seaweed before meal, put 1 gram of agar in a hot drink (soup broth tea) and let boil for one minute. Then mix well and consume quickly the drink of which neither the color nor the taste will be modified. Another tip you can add the seaweed extract in your hot dishes one minute before the end of cooking, then mix well. This "additive" will stall you faster and you will consume less calories. Finally, you can replace food gelatin with agar in all the classic recipes. "One gram of agar-agar per day is a good average, notes Anne Dufour. Form of use is the maximum daily dose ". In fact, consumed at too high a dose, it becomes laxative. You can buy agar-agar in pre-dosed bags in dietary shops but also in pharmacies to order. This extract of seaweed is not expensive, in cure it amounts to 0.20 euro cents per day.

Spirulina is a cyanobacterium called "blue algae" that has existed for over three billion years and contains a large proportion of proteins and many nutrients. Often considered a "super-food", it is lent many virtues (anti-cancer, anti-aging, reinforcement of the immune system ..). Studies of man, however, sometimes contradict each other. Regarding the reduction of diabetes, trials indicate that taking spirulina may help control blood glucose in people with diabetes but the claims regarding weight loss remain to be proven. The benefits of spirulina are often based on contradictory testimonies and few studies confirm its benefits, explains Loïc Charpy, research director at the IRD (Research Institute for Development). Being more integrated into our diets, their effectiveness depends of course on a balanced diet.

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Agar-Agar, the new anti-kilos weapon, Anne Dufour, Editions Leduc.s, 5,90 Euros

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