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Thread: Beauty of the eyes - Beauty of the eyes

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    Beauty of the eyes - Beauty of the eyes

    Lifting the outline of the eye

    Our eyes are the reflection of our emotions and the mirror of our beauty. Having an unforgettable look often rests on an outline of the young and bright eye to pamper it on a daily basis. Anti-wrinkle and concealer to mitigate, make-up to sublimate ... With we reveal the beauty of your eyes in a snap.

    Reveal the glare of your look

    Reflecting the youth of the face, the contour of the eye is particularly vulnerable. Subjected to incessant movements, it reveals the first signs of aging. If you want to mitigate and / or slow down the appearance of these signs of the time, anti-aging and anti-wrinkle treatments have smoothing effect and offer a new youth to your eyes.

    Sublimate and make up your eyes

    Stress, pollution, fatigue, undermine the outline of the eye, so revealing of our general well-being. Sensitive to puffiness and dark circles, this fragile area of ​​our face is a victim of dehydration. It is therefore essential to nourish it, protect it and promote lymphatic drainage to reawaken the eye. Appropriate care and massages are your best allies for an unforgettable look.

    Sublimate your eyebrows

    So many emotions pass through the gaze, that one has to be very attentive. Sequins, dark, natural: all the shades are in the palettes to satisfy your desires. The look is a real weapon of seduction. See our file

    The eyebrows is that small area of ​​hair above our eyes that gives depth to our eyes. An eyebrow too thin or too thick will not give the same character to our face at all. It is therefore important to draw a harmonious curve that will respect your features. Our tips to make up your eyebrows and depilate you!

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    Re: Beauty of the eyes - Beauty of the eyes

    A natural tea bag can help you. Dip the tea bag in cool water and put it in your sight. Keep it over your eye-sight for 15-20 moments. The tannins in the tea will decrease swelling and keep your vision shiny and healthier.

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