Medical treatment: a simplified follow-up

High blood pressure can not be cured, but it can be controlled: this means that current treatments can bring the figures back to a normal level.

Seven main families of drugs

The different treatments aim to normalize your tension at rest and effort. Treatment should be started as soon as possible after the onset of the first symptoms.

First step: the voltage measurement

Arterial hypertension can only be asserted in at least three measurements at spaced intervals (eg one per quarter).

Second step: the hygiene-dietetic treatment

This is the period of observation. For example, smoking cessation, losing weight, decreasing salt, fatty foods and alcohol, practicing physical activity are recommended.

Third step: medical treatment

It is the prescription of one or more antihypertensive drugs. However, this prescription may be immediate depending on the patient. Also considered are age, cholesterol level, diabetes, smoking, weight, heredity, the height of the numbers and the possible failure of the hygiene-dietetic treatment. Br>

A good hygiene of life is sometimes enough

The management of high blood pressure has benefited from important therapeutic advances, but the place of a good hygiene of life remains essential.

The medical treatment of hypertension today often involves a single intake per day, sufficient to ensure tension monitoring for 24 hours.

If this control is insufficient, a second drug, sometimes in the form of a "fixed combination", is added: two different antihypertensive agents of complementary action in the same tablet (for example: diuretic and inhibitor of the enzyme conversion). In this way, the dosage does not change. There is less chance of forgetting ... or abandoning.

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All hypertension treatments

First, do not smoke: tobacco is a hypertension, nicotine accelerates the heart, carbon monoxide worsens atherosclerosis Decrease your alcohol intake: its effect on blood pressure is known for a long time. Fortunately, the effect of alcohol is reversible: when you reduce your alcohol intake, blood pressure drops but slowly (4 to 6 weeks on average) Lose weight if excess: overweight , Even minimal, can lead to hypertension. Thus, only 20% of excess weight in relation to its ideal weight is enough to triple its risks of hypertension. The reduction of the weight is usually accompanied by a drop in blood pressure. In some people, 5 to 6 kilos may be enough to standardize hypertension or to reduce the amount of medication you take. Practice regular and measured physical activity: walking, cycling, swimming, gymnastics, ski touring in winter ... The sport can be practiced, but after doctor's advice and correction of blood pressure figures; Have a balanced diet