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Thread: Makeup Removal - Tips for Cleansing Makeup

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    Makeup Removal - Tips for Cleansing Makeup

    Selection of the best make-up removers

    To make up to be more beautiful, it is a real pleasure but in the evening, who has not had the laziness to remove makeup, ready to go to lie down face still covered with foundation and mascara? The result? Swollen eyes, skin that pulls and wrinkles that widen at high speed V. To avoid this kind of disaster, only one solution, a careful and daily makeup removal!

    The layering, how to use

    Because removing make-up is essential to the beauty of our skin, we adopt a care that accompanies us daily. To be sure not to ignore this step, you have to find a nugget that will be drawn every night with pleasure! See our slideshow

    Cleansing oils for luminous skin

    Layering is a beauty ritual highly prized by Japanese women. Make-up in oil, cloth mask, double shampoo ... we explains all the layering steps. Read our article

    12 face cleansers for a skin at the top!

    Cleansing oils are ideal for dissolving makeup, impurities and sebum gently. Zoom on a selection of the best make-up removing oils See our slideshow

    How to clean your skin properly

    How to remove make-up?

    Make-up removing beauty

    Make-up: the first gesture of beauty

    Make-up removal: do not make the dead end!

    Eye make-up remover: good shopping

    Micellar water: the good gesture removing make-up

    Micellar waters on test bench

    10 make-up removers on test bench

    Cleansing the skin of her face is the beauty gesture of morning and evening not to be missed to get rid of impurities or traces of makeup. Discover our selection of 12 facial cleansers for a skin at the top! See our slideshow

    Cleansing products are cosmetic preparations designed to remove dust, dead skin cells, sweat, sebum and traces of make-up, as well as all impurities that stagnate on the surface of the skin. Washing substances, they are designed to respect skin pH., Read our article

    Gesture beauty par excellence, the make-up removal is an essential step because it cleanses the skin. It removes traces of make-up, impurities related to pollution, tobacco, and facilitates the elimination of dead cells. All the tricks for successfully removing make-up smoothly Read our article

    A clean and well-cleansed skin is the secret of a successful make-up and a radiant face! For a gentle and effective cleansing, discover our tips and our shopping to successfully make-up removing for sure. See our selection

    A true ritual of beauty, essential to the sharpness and comfort of your skin, the makeup removal is too often neglected. Wrong! To transform this apparent chore into an instant of pleasure and relaxation, make-up removing products continue to improve. An overview of the different solutions available to you: Read our article

    You know that removing make-up from the eyes is important, yet you sometimes get stuck. If you think that these omissions will have no consequence, you put your finger in the eye! Lydia Chibout, international trainer for Orlane, reminds us of the importance of this treatment and explains the good gestures: Read our interview

    You know that cleansing your eyes is a capital gesture (just like cleansing your face). But do you have the right products? For if you do not want your eyes to lose their beauty and freshness, it is appropriate to adopt specific care. Take a look at our special eye makeup remover shopping. See our slide show

    Specially formulated for sensitive skin, micellar water revolutionizes the ritual of make-up removal. Combining the appearance and freshness of a water with the technicality of an oil, it fulfills many expectations of purity and comfort. Simplicity as a bonus Read our article

    Micellar water is the big star of makeup removal! So much so that all brands now own theirs. So which one to choose? To help you see more clearly, we offers you a test bed for micellar waters. View our slide show

    While we dream at nightfall, to abandon ourselves to the arms of Morpheus, we sometimes forget the essential gestures, and especially the one that saves your skin ... makeup removal! Many formulas express and sometimes playful have transformed this chore into instant-pleasure, we has tested them for you. Read our article

    Choose the right cleanser or face cleanser

    Discover all Cleansing Products on the website of our partner Doctipharma.

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    Re: Makeup Removal - Tips for Cleansing Makeup

    3simple tips to remove your make up before u got to bed or to remove from your face,
    Baby Wipes
    Coconut Oil
    Baby oil

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