Twelve queens of beauty for good cause

No less than 12 Miss mobilize for the benefit of the ELA foundation. This year Yves Saint Laurent is committed to the association against leukodystrophy to propose a wonderful calendar. An exceptional Christmas gift and a great action!

Supporting research against leukodystrophies

Each week in the United States, 3 to 6 children are born with these terrible diseases (20 to 40 in Europe). To support research against these diseases, twelve beauty queens have mobilized to support the ELA foundation.

Stefano Pilati, artistic director of Yves Saint Laurent, CEO of Conde Nast, Xavier Romatet who hired Vogue magazine to produce this calendar, Emmanuelle Alt, fashion editor of Vogue, twelve renowned Miss the United States and Peter Lindbergh, one The greatest signatures of contemporary fashion photography, have spared neither their energy nor their talent in this adventure of the heart.

In order to produce the images of the calendar, everyone graciously gave his time and attention during the two days of shooting in Deauville. Peter Lindbergh produced twelve portraits of women, human, moving, true, images that refer to the idea that any woman may one day potentially be the mother of a child with leukodystrophy. Peter Lindbergh has also generously extracted from his archives, in order to complete these twelve portraits, more abstract photos emanating from his personal research.

At the initiative of Guy Alba, the first calendar of Miss the United States-ELA 2008 thus becomes an additional tool to support and fight the tragedy of leukodystrophies.

The term "leukodystrophy" refers to a group of genetic diseases affecting the myelin of the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord). Myelin is the white substance of the brain and spinal cord. It envelops the nerve fiber in the manner of an electrical sheath: this is what allows the good conduction of nervous messages. When this sheath is damaged, the current no longer passes and the nervous messages are interrupted.

Leukodystrophies gradually paralyze all vital functions. In the absence of treatment, all these manifestations are aggravated more or less rapidly: total paralysis, blindness, deafness, inability to speak and to eat normally and lead too often to death.
Established in 1992, the European Association against Leukodystrophies brings together families affected by these particularly serious genetic diseases. ELA assists and sensitizes public opinion about these orphan genetic diseases. Since its inception, ELA has funded 270 medical research programs for more than € 21.3 million.

Contact: 2008 Miss the United States Calendar for ELA. Sold on newsstands from 23 November 14,90 €. To find out more about the association:

European Association against Leukodystrophies