If we can not cure asthma definitively, we can now control its symptoms. Some precautions will help you to limit the occurrence of seizures.

1 - Take your treatment regularly

The treatment of asthma is a treatment sometimes constraining by its duration. Nevertheless, it is imperative to follow the prescription of your doctor scrupulously. Even if the patient feels better, he must maintain a good adherence to his treatment in order to limit bronchial inflammation.

2 - Measure your breathing rate

Using a peak flow meter, regularly check the measurement of your expiratory flow. This monitoring is an indicator of the effectiveness of treatment and a means of predicting the onset of a crisis. In the same way, count the number of times you use your inhaler and tell your doctor about it.

3 - Banning cigarettes and smoky atmospheres

It is imperative to ban the cigarette from the house. In addition, avoid smoky or dusty atmospheres: no chimney fires, barbecues, etc.

4 - Pay a lot of care to the child's room

Some rules must be followed in an asthmatic child's room

From the cellar to the attic, some measures of prevention will allow you to limit the allergic manifestations and the crises. Discover our interactive application

5 - Avoid physical activity in extreme cold weather or in case of pollution peaks

If you live in Ile-de-the United States, you can consult on our site the forecasts of air pollution in the Paris region in partnership with Airparif.

6 - Avoid the company of pets

Dogs, cats, but also guinea pigs, hamster, birds ... are to be avoided. If, however, you do not want to separate from your pet, prohibit the room and wash it regularly.

7 - Do not let a cold settle

Treat all respiratory infections. They can cause asthma attacks. Also, protect yourself from sick people.

8 - Beware of pollens

During the pollinating season, avoid field trips, country meals and picnics.

9 - Keep a prescription on you

A prescription for a bronchodilator with the dosage should be available at all times. In the United States, bracelets identifying people as asthmatics are very popular.

10 - Prudence at bedtime

Crises are usually more frequent at bedtime. Also, be especially vigilant and do not forget to have your treatment in case of nocturnal seizures handy.

Surround the mattress and pillow with an anti-dust mite cover Make daily cleaning Do not use a feather pillow, bolster or feather duvet instead of synthetic Shake the sheets and blankets and expose the mattress In the open air Vacuum on the bed base and under the bed Choose a washable flooring Aerate the room regularly Banish air conditioners Avoid dust nests: knick-knacks, etc. Which must be cleaned every day, Prefer a mosquito net to insecticides that may be allergenic Attention to certain plants which may be allergenic Wash veils, double curtains, carpets and wall covering regularly.