Violence is a normal expression of life but it is important that it be channeled, framed. In adolescence, the changes experienced by the young can be painful.

Psychic upheavals are not easy to live (change of self-image, vibrant and fluctuating emotions, impulses). He also discovers the violence that exists in any society, a discovery that has an important impact on the highly emotional terrain of adolescence.

Impulses of aggression can be channeled through the practice of sport which allows the child to use his energy overflow and evacuate his aggressiveness.

But when a teenager suddenly becomes violent with angry attacks this is proof that he is suffering. Through this behavior, he tries to mask anxieties. It is then necessary to understand the origin of this change before it goes too far and allow it to find other ways of expressing this suffering. It is a sign of ill-being that may require outside help.

Violent aggravated behavior denotes a gap in moral perceptions and the assimilation of boundaries. It is then urgent to act before it becomes a danger to itself or to others.

"How children become assassins" by Dr. Michel Bourgat at Favre Editions