The nutritional qualities of potatoes

Each year we consume more 22 kg of potatoes and our children nearly 19 kg. It means that we love the famous "potato"! This vegetable seduces young and old to the point of being present on our tables at least once a week. 86% of the households and 75% of the housewives regularly put it on the menu. Cheap, easy to cook, it also has many nutritional advantages!

The health benefits of potatoes

Vegetables apart, the potato has a varied nutritional profile. It has at the same time all the assets of a starchy, but also fibers, vitamins and minerals. A dietary food that also fits low calorie diets. Read our article

Choosing the right potato

The potato, the staple food par excellence, has many virtues. It does more than simply give the "potato". It provides valuable nutrients for everyone including children, athletes and overweight or hypercholesterolemic individuals. Read our article

There is not one but potatoes! The many varieties have textures, colors and sizes adapted to different cooking methods. If it serves as the basis for the food of several peoples, let us not forget that we do not use the same to make a soup, a gratin, a salad composed a tagine or a stew!