The body attack

Introduced in the 80s, aerobics allows to practice physical movements in rhythm on music endiablées. The goal is to repeat frequent and low intensity bodybuilding movements to develop form and tone! Discover all new forms of aerobics with .

Biking or cycling

Efficient, this aerobics class masters an athletic challenge. Simple and fun to follow, it is nevertheless tough. Its followers there spend a lot of energy and burn a maximum of fat ... Read our article

The fight body

The body forward, knees in the axis of the handlebars on a bike room, the biking or cycling course is the best method to pedal against the extra pounds. All the obsessed of the weight and the form, regrouped in platoon to motivate in cadence find themselves there!; Read our article

The body balance

Boxing's entertaining cocktail, karate, taekwondo and tai chi arranged in fitness sauce, the body fighting class is a real gestural and musical show. No need to have tried martial arts to participate, just be motivated. Read our article

The body jam

Aerobics, to find the form

Come straight from New Zealand, imagined by the world-famous group Les Mills, Body Balance is inspired by the gyms of the world. Mixed stretching and relaxation, strongly influenced by yoga, tai chi, Qi Qong and the Pilates method, Fitness version Read our article

Looks like the name of a techno band. It is not quite that, but almost: the body jam is a course - mix of fitness and dance - where you move in groups on techno, but also on salsa, hip hop, Etc. Tasty cocktail of all trends! Read our article

Frequent and low intensity workout training according to the American term "aerobics" develops form and tone. Particularly effective for the legs and lower body, aerobics strengthens the body and softens the whole body. Read our article