A facelift on the plate!

And if the best way to fight against aging was to monitor his plate? By sprinkling your menus with fruits and vegetables, you'll get plenty of antioxidants. These compounds are the best allies of your youth capital!

Polyphenols, the secret of youth?

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To age seamlessly, eat fruit!

Diet is the first of medicines. But if we know the enemies of health hiding in the plate, who are our allies? For several years, some compounds have been adorned with all the virtues: polyphenols, super-antioxidants. Read our article

Rejuvenating naturally is possible! Interview with Jean-Claude Secondé

How can one preserve one's intellectual performance despite the years? Eating more fruits and vegetables! This is the result of many researchers from around the world. Focus on these anti-aging foods! Read our article

To age well, the best way would not be to spread all kinds of cream, but to eat well and move well! This is the message of Jean-Claude Secondé, osteopath and author of the book "Rajeunir up to 100 years." Read our article