The different stages of artificial insemination

Artificial insemination (or intra-uterine insemination) is a medically assisted procreation technique frequently proposed today. Although restrictive, although the use of ovulation induction is often practiced, this method can overcome many problems. Detailed review ...

Ovulation inducers in questions

Artificial insemination is the oldest technique of medical assistance to procreation. This fairly simple principle makes it possible to obtain 10 to 15% per treatment cycle. Discover the different phases of this major treatment of fertility disorders Read our article

Embryo reduction in questions

To help artificial insemination, your doctor has prescribed ovulation inducers. But you still have many questions about this treatment. Do not worry, we answers your questions, to increase your chances ... with confidence! Read our article

Artisanal insemination: making a child without going through the PMA

Embryo reduction is used in multiple pregnancies of more than 3 fetuses, most often in the context of IVF. Indications, techniques, risks ... The point with Dr. Denis Gallot of CHU Estaing Read our article

In order to conceive a child, some people resort to a non-medicated procreation technique not permitted in the United States: artificial insemination or artificial insemination. What does it consist of? Does it carry risks? Elements of Response, with the help of Dr. St├ęphane Bounan, Gynecologist-Obstetrician. Read our article

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