Should he “clean” his body to be more beautiful and fit?

Eliminating toxins "," cleansing body and skin "... the idea is seductive! To make a cure of detoxification would eliminate all that fouls our body and pollutes our skin.If it is illusory to think Reset all counters to zero, initiating such a cure will allow you to take care of yourself.

What is a detoxification cure?

In the same way that one empties one's car, one should clean its body of the interior in particular to the changes of season. The concept of detoxification remains rather nebulous: according to its adepts, it purifies complexion, clarifies the mind, fortifies memory, improves circulation, develops energy and vital functions ... It would be necessary in a polluted world where The food trafficked poison us without our knowledge.

What are the effects of a detoxification treatment?

To support these ideas, proponents of detoxification will talk about the mad cow crisis, from chicken to dioxin, and rillettes rich in listeriosis ... The detoxification then takes colors more ideological than physiological. It should be remembered that according to most scientists our modern diet so vilified is still much safer than a few centuries ago. In his book "Food Risks and Fears" Pr. Apfelbaum wrote in 1998: "All risk factors combined, the food risk today is at least several hundred times lower than that of yesteryear, but the social and then political Building on collective fears and fantasies, I nevertheless see food risks a radiant future. " We do not eat so badly that ...

Sold as a real spring cleaning, the cure or program is supposed to purify the body from the inside for it to be more effective.

First option, 3 weeks cure: You make a 3 weeks cure, in the form of drinks - herbal teas, or syrups mainly - based on bark of birch, elderberry, green tea, cherry tail etc ... Most recommended herbal teas or drinks contain diuretics: if you suffer from water retention it should be effective otherwise it does not have much interest. As for the recommended foods, their richness in fiber stimulates the work of the intestines and makes it possible to evacuate the natural residues more quickly. 20 g of fiber per day would be ideal unfortunately we are often far from the account. Be careful not to go from one extreme to the other: the fibers are to be gradually reintroduced into the diet, otherwise you risk irritating your colon. Remember that they are digested much better when cooked.

It is of course recommended for best results to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Prefer health and beauty foods such as vegetables and fruits, giving you moments of relaxation and doing some sports. If this three-week cure seems a bit long, no problem you can choose the weekend option.

Second option, the weekend formula: If you have overeating, if your nights are short, if you are stressed, tired ... treat yourself to a relaxing weekend centered on you. This cure is more severe but shorter ... In general we advocate a diet close to fasting which gives pride to drinks (water + honey or royal jelly + lemon, herbal teas) and vegetables and fruits and food Rich in fiber (green vegetables, cereals and legumes).

The advantage of the cure is that it forces you to rest: by eating little, you will not have an overflowing energy. From Friday evening, immerse yourself in a bath with relaxing virtues, and enjoy the weekend to treat your skin: exfoliate, hydrate, massage ... in a word, pamper yourself!

Physiologically, the counters can not be reset to zero. It is certainly illusory to expect from such a cure an instantaneous rejuvenation, a tenfold energy, a fortified memory, an improvement of the blood circulation, a complexion of queen ... Nevertheless, when one follows a cure, one takes care of oneself : We monitor our diet, we adopt a healthier lifestyle, we relax, we rest, we go to bed sooner ... After a light dinner and a good night sleep, the skin is rested, the complexion Is fresh, the features are relaxed. Do not forget that your best beauty product is sleep.

Detoxifying your body is a disguised way to take rest and to pay more attention to balancing your diet which never hurts especially when you live in a big city at a fast pace.
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