The benefits of the gym

The fashion is at the conquering chest, no question of neglecting her cleavage. With a few sessions of gymnastics, coupled with targeted cosmetic treatments, you will keep breasts impertinent, full and nicely round.

The exos

To keep a cleavage of dream yet it is necessary to make some efforts. Thanks to the gym and the cosmetto, the beauty of the bust has serious allies.

The exos

Of course, we do not muscle the breasts ... But we can strengthen the small and large pectorals that support the chest and open the ribcage to enhance her breasts.

The exo

1 - We put on the dumbbells

The advantages of cosmetics

Dumbbells are used to increase the resistance to muscles that become more flexible and stronger.

A quasi-necessity for the pectorals because these muscles on which the chest rests are little sought after daily. At first opt ​​for lightweight dumbbells - 0.5 pounds - and before you begin exercise check your position. For these exercises on the ground, tighten the abdominals in order to avoid excessive arching of the back.

Lying on your back, legs flexed, feet on floor, tight belly, elbows bent, dumbbells in hands, push the dumbbells up until your arms are stretched. Return to initial position, 20 times.

Lying on his back, legs bent, feet on floor, tight belly, arms cross on floor, dumbbells in hand, lift both arms, always stretched, until the hands join. Return to initial position, 20 times.

2 - We make pumps

Ultra-classic exercise that muscles arms and shoulders opens the rib cage and brings to those who practice it a pretty posture: the bust is toned, the shoulders proudly thrown back chest. It is to be practiced urgently by those who do not stand straight and keep the shoulders vaulted forward.

Hands on the floor, at the chest, slightly more apart than the shoulders, arms outstretched, lengthen the body and support on tiptoe. On exhalation, flex the arms so that the torso slowly tilts to the ground. Reassemble slowly, 20 times.

Beginner Tip: To lighten the load put on all fours, crossed feet. In the same position as above, resting on the knees, bend the elbows to bring the bust to the ground, 20 times.

3 - In front of the TV or in the office one does not release the tension

This simple exo is practiced at all times and in virtually any circumstance ... To be effective it must be integrated daily.

Place both hands, palms against palms, at the level of the chest. Press your hands as hard as possible to slightly raise the elbows. Keep the position 15 seconds. Release and repeat 4 times.

Protective, moisturizing and firming care is necessary because the skin of the bust, naturally fine, plays an essential role in the maintenance of the breast: it is in a way a natural bra.

1 - Focus on the adapted care

Tensors and Firming Machines

Effective at the first signs of sagging skin, these specific treatments should be adopted in prevention as soon as the chest changes volume. In cure for a shock treatment or in daily care, they help the skin regain its natural elasticity.

Anti-stretch marks

50% of women have stretch marks, they appear on the stomach, hips and ... breasts. To prevent and blur these small streaks that alter the beauty of the chest, opt for truly sharp care.

2 - Adopt a beauty hygiene

The skin of the décolleté is fragile. To preserve its elasticity, delay the appearance of wrinkles, it must be pampered and protected.

Scrub and hydration: the basis of care

A light exfoliation facilitates cell renewal and removes impurities from the epidermis. The skin gains in tone, shine and softness. Once a week, use your facial scrub: its softness is adapted to the skin of the décolleté.

To keep your skin supple, you must moisturize it every day. If this basic rule applies to the whole body, it is particularly important to apply it to the décolleté: the skin is as fine as that of the face. Feeding makes it possible to unveil it safely in the first days. Proceed by circular massages, always starting from the bottom of the breasts to go up gradually up to the neck.

Sun protection: an indispensable element

Prolonged and repeated exposures, insufficient protection actively contribute to the early aging of the décolleté. Avoid exposing your chest when the sun is strongest, opt for a high index and renew the sunscreen regularly.