To tinker with a steel belly, not that hard! We ask for the great rights of the abdomen without stretching them: we raise the bust, rounding the back, then we go down but not totally, and this several times in succession. The results are not delayed if the movements are well executed.

This involves working the abdominal belt, the weakest muscle area. The required time: half an hour, with progressive increase up to one hour.


Stretched on a carpet (or better on a board with inclination intended for the work of the abs), the back well flat, the thighs spread at an angle of 45, feet clad to the ground (or even wedged under a piece of furniture), and 20 cm apart between the buttocks and the heels so as not to cause distortion of the back. The arms can be crossed on the chest, each of the hands touching the opposite shoulder, and elbows, relaxed. For beginners: tight arms, it facilitates the movement.

It is the abs that works and not the biceps, so never press on the arms when the bust is raised: this movement of the head and the bust that are straightened must be slowly executed, the shoulders relaxed because they are not Not solicited. The shoulder blades rise up to 15 cm from the ground. The head remains in the extension of the back and the line of eyes must be about 60 cm from the kneecaps.

Never force, because the abdominal belt is taut and causes a burning sensation, a sign that the muscles are working. Ensure during the training period that the toes adhere well to the ground. Do not help by pushing on the heels, which would involve the work of the calf muscles and adductors, not the abs! Expire at the end of the movement.

Make three sets of 10 to 15 movements: 10 seconds for vertical movement, 10 seconds for return to elongated position. Allow the recovery time between each series.

Repeat this exercise every two days. The slower the movement, the more the muscles work and the better the result. Capital point: slow and complete inspiration in descending, expiration, during the effort, going back.

To bolster the movement, put the feet wedged in height (espalier), the thighs vertically. Exercise that solicits. Small and large oblique as well as great right. The height of the feet and therefore the distance of the bust makes it possible to work the muscles of the hip.

The regular repetition of these exercises is the guarantee of success, but the alternation of rest (one minute) between each series of movements is a necessary condition for the muscles to take full advantage of the effort demanded of them .