My Body in Summer

Our epidermis changes and evolves at the rhythm of the seasons. Our skin does not have the same needs in winter as in summer and it does not suffer from the same aggressions. That's why, every season, its background treatment! To be beautiful to the wire in any season, follow our advice!

My body in winter

Summer is the holiday season, idleness but also sunburn and dry hair, if you do not take a walk. Enjoy the holidays time to take care of yourself and cultivate your good looks. You will be all the more resplendent! See our file

Beauty program: Beach mode

Winter is not tender with our skin and it is good to protect yourself from the cold. When the temperature drops, dehydration and tightness are soon felt. In town, in the countryside or in the mountains, learn to enjoy the winter in beauty.
We stretch our skin we capitulate the capitons We put on hair We increase the beauty tone feet on glamourise Beauty program: We go into beach mode This time is the last straight. In a few weeks we will have feet in the water, sun cream and fruity cocktail in hand. Great. Except that to look as sexy as Jennifer Lopez on the sand (cf her clip "My love do not cost a thing", there is work, velvety skin, gingerbread complexion, sensual neckline .. , To be canon and super well in its flip-flops, discover all our advice to highlight your assets thanks to our beauty program "special beach." See the pictures