1 – Make peace with yourself

"Happiness is a disposition of the mind," said Louise de Vilmorin. Even if you do not believe in advice, here are some little tricks to put your heart into a party and give you a smile ...

2 - Sow happiness around you

Follow these tips to find the path to happiness.

3 - Accept your moods

"The essential thing is the benevolent consideration we will give ourselves in the first few seconds of the morning," says Claude de Milleville, "because too often the look we cast on ourselves condemns us." Instead of focusing on our shortcomings, our shortcomings and our weaknesses, we also admire our qualities and our riches! Ideal to boost your confidence, and really progress!

4 - Recognize your chance

Selfishness and happiness rarely combine. Put your energy to the benefit of others: your family, your friends, but also those who, less well off, need support: your old neighbor, sick children, the homeless ...

5 - Avoid catastrophism

6 - Listen to others

7 - Create the party

This morning you stood up with your left foot? Accept these variations of your morale as a natural phenomenon instead of worrying about it or feeling guilty. It will pass by itself, and you will be less a victim of it. In the same way, to admit that your loved ones too can be in a bad mood will help you support them more serenely.

You have a husband, children, relatives and friends, work, housing, you are healthy ... Sincerely, what more do you want? Admit that you are part of the clan of the lucky ones, and cease your crises of dissatisfaction. Accept your luck, and provoke her without doubting her. You will progress by leaps and bounds.

The news is gray mine? After an honest assessment, make the point of things: are they so terrible that it? Is the world really falling apart? You will probably find that no, not everything is so appalling around you.

Empathy, the ability to understand and to know others by identifying with them, is a master quality that will facilitate your relationships and your gaze on life. Try to put yourself in the place of your loved ones, and distant people that you find painful: your boss is annoyed (his son has big health concerns), your husband is not to be taken with tongs Anxiety), this contract is odious (it has been raining torrents for 3 days) ... In their life, would you still be kind?

Let us not enclose ourselves in the monotonous rhythm of the days, cultivate our friendships, set out to meet others, establish new ties, "recommends Claude de Milleville. But do not miss a moment. "To deprive oneself of presences, under the pretext of preserving oneself and of sleeping, can in no case benefit us. Life asks us to move forward, not to save ourselves and to be sparing of ourselves! ".

8 - Reconcile yourself with your past

To accept oneself is to unfold oneself from one's past, to set aside resentments and old grudges, to accept what can not be changed, to digest family histories, separations, and mourning. It is also to resolve unfinished situations (disputes, tensions). This adult approach is essential to get off on a good footing to happiness and avoid regret, unnecessary and painful.

9 - Find a meaning to your life ...

Who am I? Why am I alive ?: If you already have answers to these existential questions, you are on the path to achieving yourself. If not, what would you think about yourself, your personal values ​​(work, love, family, order, freedom ...), to prepare your goals and to work to achieve them?

10 - Preserve your freedom

To feel good with others, one must not allow oneself to be shut up by their desires, but to know how to say no to them, to express one's feelings, desires and needs. Otherwise, frustration accumulates and detracts from self-fulfillment. Do not be afraid of their judgments, choose alone, freely, what you want to do and not do, and refuse to let yourself manipulate!

* "The 10 Commandments of Happiness and Good Health" by Claude de Milleville, Editions Solar, 16,77 € uros.