Week 39: Changes at Mom

During your last week of pregnancy, your baby now occupies all your uterus and compresses the vessels, the viscera and all the organs of your abdomen. Patience, in a few days, all this will only be a distant memory and you will marvel at his little bouille.

Week 39: the evolution of the fetus

If you have not lost water, wait until the contractions get closer (every 5 minutes) to the maternity clinic. If the pocket of the water has broken, go to Maternity without waiting! Read more

How to lose its roundness

From the first contractions to birth, your childbirth will last several hours. The medical team has many ways to direct the work so that it takes place under the best conditions for the mother and the child.

You have just given birth to a wonderful baby and you are mad with joy. But you would also like to be able to get into your jeans ... To find your figure very quickly without imposing you a draconian regime, take control of yours today Read more

Contraception after baby

Focus on childbirth

Mother-baby groups, to exchange and support young mothers.

The joy of getting to know your child soon becomes a little apprehensive. It is normal, childbirth remains one of the most striking events in a woman's life. To prepare for it, there is nothing better than to learn. Are you unbeatable about childbirth? Read more

You have just come home with your child, happy but tired ... and you may not want to live a new pregnancy right away! So do not forget contraception ... Read more

After nine months of intrauterine life, the fetus separates from the maternal organism. This physiological phenomenon results in the birth of the child. It is called childbirth or parturition Read more

Some maternity hospitals or PMI centers offer "mom-baby groups". Accompanied by a midwife, mothers approach their daily lives and difficulties more naturally. Support that gives them confidence and reassures them See our video

Calculation of the date of your maternity leave

Every week, your personalized pregnancy tracking: see an example