Autism: immersion in a 3I center

On the occasion of the World Autism Awareness Day, we visited the Lud'éveil Center in Courbevoie, in the Hauts-de-Seine, which is practicing an undeveloped method, launched 10 years ago. the United States by the association AEVE (Autism hope to school), that of the 3I.

Investigation we - FondaMental Foundation

The management of autism suffers in the United States an incredible delay. Faced with the lack of structures, insufficient repayment by Social Security, difficult schooling and access to employment ... will the parents of autistic children finally be heard?


Infantile autism is constantly increasing, reaching almost one in 150 children according to the Autistic Without Borders collective. Only early care allows the children concerned to evolve towards greater autonomy. But the adapted structures are cruelly lacking.


If we hear sometimes of early autism in the media or in the cinema, difficult yet to really know all that hides this disease. What are the causes of this developmental disorder? Who is autistic? Explanations.


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Autism: Getting out of isolation

The signs of autism are still ignored by many parents. However, early screening depends on the effectiveness of management. The earlier the signs are identified, the better the follow-up. So how do you know if the child is just different or if his bizarre behaviors are more serious?

If there is no treatment for autism, personalized support often improves symptoms and quality of life. Unfortunately, the management of autism is now far from perfect. Lack of resources and structures are regularly denounced by associations. But the situation is expected to improve in the years to come.