To improve the daily life of allergic patients, many associations offer advice and services that meet the expectations of patients. Below are the addresses, sites and telephone numbers you need.

ABC Allergies

This site provides information on all allergies: food (peanuts, milk, egg, gluten, fish etc.), dust mites, domestic animals, mold, pollen, hymenoptera venom, medicines, latex, Etc.


The French Association for the Prevention of Allergies, set up in 1991 on the initiative of allergic persons and parents of allergic children, aims to "promote research, information and prevention in the field of allergic diseases".

French Association for the Prevention of Allergies (AFPRAL), BP 12, 91240 Saint-Michel s / Orge

Tel .: 01 48 18 05 84 Fax: 01 48 18 06 14


This site is the work of doctors (Dr. Claire Laur and Etienne Bidat). According to these authors, "AllergieNet has only the pretension and the ambition to inform you and to be a tool of communication francophone in the field of allergies and the asthmatic disease". AllergieNet is the first French website devoted to allergies and asthma. Its very playful presentation will delight the smallest and the wealth of its most curious information.

This very complete site is realized by Dr. P. Auriol, Allergologue. It is intended for those who wish to train and learn about allergies and allergic diseases. The Allergy Daily

News, factsheets, folders, forum: All about allergy.


Site sponsored by the French Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, this French site is very complete and provides a very rich information on all allergies.


Dedicated to asthma, this site is simply unavoidable for anyone who wants to know more about this disease. It includes access to the Asthma and Allergies Association website.

Association Asthme & Allergies, 3 rue Hamelin, 75116 PARIS

such. (33 1) 47 55 03 56 Fax (33 1) 44 05 91 06

Association of Allergists and Immunologists of Quebec

Quebec Allergy website, including many tips. The sometimes austere presentation should not prevent you from discovering the incredible amount of information and folders on the subject.


Personal website of an Auvergne palynologist, Michel Verollet, who works for the National AĆ©robiologique Surveillance Network (R.N.S.A.). This site contains a detailed explanation of pollen collection and counting methods, numerous photos of pollens and some practical information.


The main objective of the National Aerobic Surveillance Network (NSN) is to study the air content of biological particles that may affect the allergic risk to the population. You will also find practical information on the main allergens pollens.

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