Confronting the emergency

Asthma attacks are responsible for approximately 200,000 emergency room visits and 100,000 hospitalizations each year in the United States. Despite the effectiveness of drugs, there are still nearly 2,000 deaths per year. Know how to avoid complications!

Emergency gestures: the asthma crisis?

Even moderate, asthma sometimes takes on the appearance of urgency. All the more so because of the various factors that make it evolve, the disease can become unstable, the essential to face it serenely! Read our article

Evaluate the level of control of your asthma

Asthma results in spasms of the muscles in the airway wall, leading to narrowing of the bronchi diameter, making breathing difficult. Faced with an asthmatic in distress, do you know how to help? Tips for you and your entourage Read our article

The treatment of the crisis

Does your treatment allow you to live your illness on a daily basis? To be sure, we encourage you to do this self-test. Developed in collaboration with pneumologists, it will allow you to evaluate the level of control of your asthma in five key questions: Test yourself!

During the asthma attack, bronchi narrow and breathing becomes difficult. Faced with this emergency situation, treatments are more often administered by inhalation. Acting faster, bronchodilators provide immediate relief. Read our


Anticholinergics inhales

Stimulating beta2 bronchodilators



The corticosteroids

Monoclonal antibodies