You start blowing a bit again

During your 37th week of pregnancy (= 39th week of amenorrhea), your uterus and your baby are preparing more and more at the baby's exit. With this evolution, you breathe and eat more easily, but pressure on your bladder leads you more frequently to the toilet ...

Hormonal changes and fatigue

During this week, your uterus and your baby go down a bit lower in your abdomen, they prepare for the baby's exit. This descending movement immediately brings relief to you because the uterus rests less on the other organs: you breathe more and you eat more easily. On the other hand, the pressure exerted on your bladder is stronger and often leads you to the toilet.

Your steps during the 37th week of pregnancy

At this point, you will feel very tired. At issue: hormonal changes. During this 37 th week of pregnancy, you will still feel some contractions. But beware, if they become regular, run to the maternity!

As childbirth is imminent, take stock of the administrative papers you will need at the maternity ward. (Maternity card, family booklet, certificate of early recognition, identity card or passport, maternity registration card, social security card, blood group card ...) in a large pocket < Code>

Calculation of the date of your maternity leave

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