Many associations and sites offer useful advice and services to anyone who wishes to learn about the prevention, treatment or daily life of HIV-positive people and patients. Below are the addresses, sites and telephone numbers you need.

Emergency Numbers (Anonymous and Free Calls)

Sites and associations

AIDES; Association for the fight against AIDS. Recognized Public Utility since 1990. Public website on AIDS - All about AIDS: social, legal and therapeutic information, Very ergonomic and well documented

Act-Up Paris

CRIPS: Regional Information and AIDS Prevention Centers, AIDS Information and Documentation

Update on AIDS: diagnosis and screening, Ministry of Employment and Solidarity, General website of the Ministry of Health

AIDS Info Services A lot of information about AIDS and other STDs. The content is customized according to the type of user (general public, health professional, information professional, associative actor, person affected by HIV).

The information kiosk, 36, rue Geoffroy l'Asnier, 75 004 Paris, Tel: 01 44 78 00 00

Solidarité SIDA Solidarité SIDA website, which brings together over 2000 volunteers in the United States and organizes major events such as 'La nuit du zapping' or 'Solidays'.

AIDS information site, pleasantly presented and well documented: maps, diagrams, detailed epidemiological data. A plus: the economic aspect is treated.

SidaWeb, ALS Association for the fight against AIDS, Consumer site on AIDS

Arcat-Sida, Association for Research, Communication and Action for Access to Treatments.

Sidaction - Set against AIDS, a site that presents the Sidaction association and gives information on the AIDS epidemic in the United States and in the world

Unals, 228 rue du Faubourg St-Martin, 75010 PARIS

Tel .: 01 53 26 45 30 Fax: 01 53 26 45 75


ELCS: Local elected representatives against AIDS

Migrants against AIDS, Multisexuality and AIDS, Together against AIDS, Soil in AIDS

The tipi Association autosupport for the fight against AIDS and hepatitis

Association "Draw me a sheep" Psychosocial support for families affected by hiv and AIDS

Cabiria: Community health action with prostitutes

INFO-SIDA Switzerland: your anonymous questions, Groupe Sida Neuchâtel, all about AIDS, explained simply, in the form of answers to the most frequently asked questions

AIDS epidemic in Africa: epidemiology, questions and answers, documentation, links ...

Site of the Alfred Fournier Institute: AIDS and STD today Alfred Fournier Institute Information site on sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS: contamination, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment ...

Espace Kiosque Arc-en-ciel, 52, rue du Faubourg Poissonnière, 75 010 Paris