Antioxidants, think vitamins!

The body produces free radicals, substances dangerous to the body because of their very high oxidizing power. To counteract its detrimental effects, it can rely on the antioxidant virtues of several vitamins. Find out which ones to use.

Vitamin A

Some vitamins exert an antioxidant action and thus protect the body from the harmful effects of free radicals. A, C, E ... Explanations and vitaminized advice to find the fishery Read our article

Vitamin C

Vitamin A is present only in foods of animal origin, especially in the liver. Nevertheless, certain plants contain provitamins A (carotenes), that is to say substances which the organism is capable of transforming into vitamin A. It is essential for the vision and growth of the bronchi, intestines or even Of the skin .. Read our article

Vitamin E

Vitamin C is necessary for the synthesis of blood vessels and muscles. It promotes the absorption of the iron present in the food and intervenes in several hormonal mechanisms. It has antioxidant properties Read our article

Vitamin E has a particularly important protective effect vis-a-vis the cells of the organism. It plays an important role in the mechanisms of procreation and intervenes in the synthesis of the red blood cells: Read our article