The mites cause many allergies!

Before the start of the school year, there is nothing like a great household to declare war on mites, these embarrassing hosts responsible for allergies. A big blow of vacuum cleaner, an active participation of the washing machine, some modifications in the house ... and your undesirable colony of mites will soon see his troops beat a retreat.
Dusty Nest Station!

The mites, invisible to the naked eye, live only 6 weeks. But they reproduce at high speed V! Especially if the environment is hot and humid, you rarely do the cleaning on a large scale or your clothes stack on a piece of cloth in the room ... Even dead, these little animals retain their damaged defects: the debris of their Debris and their droppings cause allergies in case of inhalation. Only way to declare war: a clean-up and possibly some work.

Place to the white tornado!

44% of allergies are due to dust mites, making it the second source of allergies to dust and pollen.

Hygiene to be preserved throughout the year

The mites are mainly involved in respiratory diseases but also in cutaneous and ocular affections.

Symptoms caused by mites evolve throughout the year but are more intense during autumn and winter, during which periods the houses are heated and less ventilated. On the contrary, they are less frequent at the end of summer when the heat and humidity are higher, period of their multiplication!

The mites are cozy: they love soft and warm sheets ... As they feed on micro-particles of skin and hair that is lost every day and every night, the bed is a boon for them. A mattress can hold up to 2 million mites! In addition to bedding, they particularly love curtains, sofas, chairs and upholstered furniture, carpets, carpets, plush toys ... Anything that constitutes a dust nest is welcome.

Vacuum cleaners and washing machines are their main enemies, but impossible to get rid of them completely: all houses, even the cleanest, house mites.

To fight these unwanted hosts, take advantage of the summer to make some changes. Avoid upholstered furniture, and replace the curtains with blinds, carpets and carpets with washable and smooth floors (lino or vinyl). If you do not remove everything, shampoo the carpets, move the hangings, cushions and carpets to the machine.

For bedding, it is better to have a slatted bed base than a box spring, and prefer a mattress of synthetic material, possibly with a medical cover anti-mites. If possible, put the clothes and clothes out of the room, and if they are in heaps on the floor or on a shelf, buy a cupboard!

The ideal is to close the furniture as much as possible, to prevent the dust from settling on the clothes. Also throw away the piles of things that have been lying around for years in a corner and no longer serve ... mites.

This great cleaning done, you set out on new foundations in the fight against mites. You won a battle, but not war! Do not weaken the rest of the year, and keep regular attention. Remember to ventilate the rooms and bedding daily: regular aeration will reduce the humidity and temperature, which should ideally be 18-19 ° C. Once a week, vacuum everywhere, including On mattresses and armchairs, dust the furniture with a damp cloth, and clean the sheets at 60 ° C: the mites do not survive these high temperatures.

Do not forget to regularly wash the stuffed toys, or put them ... in the freezer once a week!

To avoid the proliferation of mites, the objective is clear: a house clean, bright (if possible), not too hot and well ventilated. After the big clean up, a meticulous regular household, and the trick is played!

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