Home environment

At school, on vacation, at work, at home ... Several factors await silently to trigger an asthma attack. How to avoid these perfidious enemies ... All answers with .

Asthma of school children

External pollution is often mentioned in the onset of asthma attacks, but more often the internal environment is responsible. Many household factors have to be taken into account: passive smoking, chimney smoke, allergens such as dust mites, molds, animal hair, indoor plants ... There is no shortage of pitfalls! Br>

The professional environment

Preventing asthma piece by piece

Sport and travel

A child spends a third of his life in school. For the illness to be the cause of absenteeism and academic delay, some preventive measures are necessary. Good coordination between the school doctor, the teacher and the parents remains an imperative.

Although there are no occupations that are not recommended for asthmatics, it is known that exposure to certain irritants can aggravate the disease. The professional setting could even be the cause of a certain number of asthma occurring in adulthood.

Contrary to popular belief, asthmatics can play sports or travel. A good management now allows them to live normally. Better yet, many athletes of very high level are asthmatic. So ready to put on your sneakers?