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    Home Manicure - Nail Manicure

    The good gestures everyday

    Hands are often what you see or touch first in someone. It is therefore important that they be treated and always impeccable. Here are some daily maintenance tips and all the secrets of a real manicure.

    A manicure like a real pro!

    The hands are the parts of our body that suffer the most attacks. They are continually exposed to the sun, to drought, to water, to pollution ... And often find themselves in a dirty state if not taken care of. Elvire Mignon, director of the "1001 Beaut├ęs" institute in Paris reveals some secrets of beauty to preserve beautiful hands in all circumstances.

    Our favorite products

    First of all, it is important to apply a moisturizer throughout the day, especially before practicing a traumatic activity for the hands (especially housework). Choose a nourishing cream that does not leave unpleasant fatty film on the skin. Repeat this gesture even in summer, as the sun and wind damage the skin as much as the cold. In the evening, clean your hands and nails (with a small brush) very carefully and apply a dab of cream on the back of each. Insist by massaging the base of the nail, this promotes regrowth. Do not forget that good nails health depends on proper nutrition. It must be rich in proteins, vitamins (A, B, C) and zinc.

    Hands need to be maintained at least once a week. Start by soaking your hands in a mixture of warm water and Hexomedine to disinfect them. Apply a moisturizer and insist on the base of the nail. Then file your nails always in the same direction so as not to make them fragile and brittle. It is better to file them than to cut them with a chisel or a nail clipper, so you avoid breaking the fibers and making the nails fragile. Choose a soft cardboard file that does not damage keratin, rather than an iron file, too aggressive. Then take care of the small skins around the nail that prevent them from growing well: there are lotions "special cuticles" that soften and allow to repel easily with a stick boxwood. Finally, put a polisher on all the nails and apply your varnish without making more than three passages with the brush to avoid unsightly surpluses. To make it better, check between each layer that it is dry. The trick to find out: gently stick one nail on the other. If they do not stick together, it's completely dry. If it adheres a little, please wait.

    And if you really want to relax, do not hesitate to make an appointment at a professional manicure. "The treatment begins with a relaxing massage of the hand and the forearm," says Elvire Mignon. There are indeed many nerve endings in the hand which, when properly manipulated, allow maximum relaxation. "It is then possible to make a bath of paraffin which will nourish and protect the skin of the hands, regularly assaulted .. Then we practice the conventional care: filing, polishing and laying of varnish", specifies the specialist. It is of course possible to be posed false nails in resin, quite natural, which even allow unrepentant rodents to have hands very feminine. "They are invisible, very resistant and you will spend the urge to gnaw your real nails," comments Elvire Mignon. A classic manicure costs about 120 F. The installation of false nails in resin, 380 F.

    This damaged hand cream contains hemp seed oil, rich in essential fatty acids. It nourishes the skin deeply and does not leave unpleasant oily feel.

    The ideal tool for your nails is the cardboard file. It does not damage the keratin and thus avoids having brittle and split nails. Choose it wide enough and long for better use.

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    Re: Home Manicure - Nail Manicure

    1: Remove current nail polish
    2. Push back your cuticles.
    3. Exfoliate your hands.
    4. Moisturize your hands.
    5. Apply the nail polish base coat.
    6. Apply the first coat of color nail polish.
    7. Apply the second coat of color nail polish
    8. Apply the nail polish topcoat.
    9. Clean up rough edges and let your nails dry.

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