The position of the squat

Have you heard of the "30 days squat challenge"? It is a challenge that consists of making a number of squats gradually over 30 days and which guarantees on arrival, firm thighs and a buttocks of steel. And if that was the challenge we need just before facing the jersey test?

The calendar of the "30 days squat challenge"

The squat is a precise muscle movement that must be done correctly to act effectively: the feet are spread by a space a little wider than the pelvis, oriented slightly in the diagonals. Keep your knees in the center and control the movement. The buttocks are pushed on the back. In the descent phase, one inhales and one pushes the glutes back while looking far in front and keeping the back straight. One can imagine a stool on which one is going to sit. The head must remain in the extension of the spine. Care must be taken to ensure that the heels are in permanent contact with the ground (it is assumed that our feet are magnetized towards the ground). In the climbing phase, the ground is repelled with its heels. One exhales by engaging his abdominals and one tightens the glutes. The arrival position is then identical to the starting position.

Why do we get started?

The principle is to increase the number of squats carried out each day. We begin with a series of 50 and gradually we add 5 per day, then 10, until we arrive at a chain of 250 squats at the end of the month. The challenge intensifies smoothly and provides for release days.

Tips for making it even better?

The squat is an ideal exercise to tone and firm up its silhouette, especially the glutes, the part of the body that we all want to work before the summer. This simple and effective method requires no hardware. We put ourselves at home, when we want to. If one is assiduous, the results appear quickly which is very encouraging. Moreover, this challenge makes it possible to take a liking to the sport and to encourage the practice of other physical activities in parallel. Cardio for example, to burn calories.

30 days squat challenge: how to stay motivated?

Alexandra Stoll, sports coach and DEUST graduate of the trades of the form reveals us several ways to obtain good results

It is important to choose the right timing: "Two questions will allow you to organize: at what times of the day I can do this challenge, and when I feel the most awake," says the coach. Br>

At the end of this challenge, there will inevitably be a positive result, whether physical or mental: the pride of having finished when we did not think we could do it.

There are different types of squats: the classic version, the foot widths of the pelvis or the sumo squats: feet wider than the pelvis. For the first, the curve of the buttocks is worked more, while the second, activates the buttocks and the inside of the thighs.

Of course, there are also ways to achieve more or less difficult movement: taking time between each squat and / or not lowering the buttocks lower than the knees, facilitates the squat. On the other hand, to lower the buttocks lower than the knees, to take off a heel of the ground by distributing well the weight of the body on both legs, to take dumbbells in hands or bottles of water full ... is more complicated. >

The 30 days squat challenge started from a challenge launched by a user not only to herself, but also, to anyone who would like to take up the challenge, the goal being to support each other. We take a picture just before the first day and at the end of the 30 days to compare the results. "Many of us are looking to have a contour of the J-LO buttocks and thighs well toned so when an opportunity presents itself like this one jumps on it, it is also a very good pretext to get into sport, "Explains the Moving expert.

Thanks to the emulation that provokes this challenge on social networks, we remain motivated! We share her difficulties with other girls who have launched, and proudly display her results week after week.

Stéphanie Moyal

MAJ Clémence Floc'h 30/12/2015

2 - Interview with Jeanna Dufraisse, Product Manager at Healthcity Ternes (
1 - Interview with Alexandra STOLL, Sports Coach

A comfortable fit is required: "Dress so that it is comfortable for you, you will have a better amplitude in the movements, jeans are proscribed!" Of course, we accompany the challenge of good food hygiene : "Eat three balanced meals a day and say 'stop' to snacks." Regular hydration: "I recommend drinking detox tea." Practicing a sporting activity in conjunction with daily detox tea is an excellent way Eliminate toxins and promote the prevention of cellulitis. "We do not zap stretching:" Stretch every day after your challenge, you will recover faster. "Cream for smoother skin:" Massage Your thighs: for the lucky ones, have it done by someone in your entourage, this will also help you to prevent the appearance of any cellulites. "