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Thread: Preserving cosmetics

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    Preserving cosmetics

    Keep your beauty products: what should alert you

    As you know, beauty products have a Consumer Deadline, like food products. However, in order to keep their properties and effects at best, they should be kept according to certain rules. So that your cosmetics do not degrade before the hour, here are our tips.

    Preserving her beauty products: the gestures to adopt

    Would you eat a 2 month old yoghurt? Surely no, so why put on your skin cosmetics whose expiration date is exceeded? The term of use after opening on your beauty products is mandatory. Problem: who exactly remembers the day when she opened her body scrub, where the first day of use of the luxurious silky cream that she uses only for big occasions so much it costs dear? Not easy to remember .... When it comes to toothpaste or shower gel, products that are renewed very regularly, there is no problem, but what about the Mascara or glitter pink glitter? To know if your care is always usable without risks, here are the good gestures of a worry-free vanity:

    Keeping her beauty products: what you should know

    As you may have noticed, the packaging of your beauty products has a logo representing an open jar with a small number next to it, followed by a M. This figure indicates the number of months you can keep your treatment after Opening (12M means that your treatment is usable 12 months after opening).

    Shelf life of the most common products

    - Water-based products (cream, milk) are the most sensitive products and should therefore be monitored with extreme caution.

    The life span of cosmetics varies depending on the product but all your beauty products have a limited shelf life, so keep your eyes open!

    Mascara: The problem with mascara is that we often have 2 or 3 in our make-up kit. Souci: their shelf life is ultra limited, at 3 months. Hey girls, to your vanity, because your eyes are ultra sensitive and do not have fun playing Russian roulette with your mascaras.

    Body milks and day creams: these are the products that last the longest (12 and 10 months respectively).

    Lipsticks: their lifespan is quite long, about a year. But for optimum storage keep away from heat and of course avoid lending them.

    Varnishes: normally conserve one year, but you have realized that they actually become pasty well before the expiry date.

    Sun creams: if it is noted on the label a long enough period of up to 12 months or even more, it is essential to throw your bottle on your return from holidays. Exposure to heat on hot sand will have damaged its properties, and UV filters will no longer perform their protective functions.

    Fragrances: like all alcohol-based cosmetics, they can be preserved for a very long time. But there you have to rely on your instinct: if the smell has turned or the color twisted, it's time to get rid of your bottle.

    And here you have all the keys to sort in your vanity!

    Alcohol-based cosmetics (hairsprays, varnishes, deos) are less prone to contamination, as are solid products (pencils, lipsticks). Nail varnishes should be thrown away Become pasty or sticky. Do not think of recovering them by adding a few drops of dissolvent this is useless. Keep your beauty products in a cool and dry place away from light. The refrigerator is a good alternative to keep care that you do not use regularly.

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    Re: Preserving cosmetics

    1) Donít maintain new, still unopened products in the bathroom.
    2) Finish the cream youíre using before opening a new one.
    3) look after your (currently used) products against extreme conditions.
    4) Donít put your fingers in it.
    5) Pick bottles with a pump and airless bottles.
    6) Labelling.

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