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Temperate climate, winters are cool, cloudy and damp, summers are warm, clear and dry. The interior is cooler and wetter than the coasts.

Risk to travelers


Representation in the United States

For a stay of less than three months: valid passport. For a stay of more than three months, a visa of stay is required. Taxes payable in and out of Albanian territory, in the amount of USD 37 and USD 10 respectively, payable in dollars.

French representation on site

Yellow fever: absent in this country. Vaccinate only in case of prior residence in an area where the disease is present. This measure does not apply to you if you come from Europe, North, Central and Southern America, Asia or Oceania.

No malaria




Consult your doctor before departure and, in particular, provide you with useful medicines for treatment.

Despite the high quality of medical training, the pitiful state of the equipment makes it imperative to contract health insurance.

Cases of hepatitis are particularly common. It is therefore advisable to consume with extreme caution tap water which, even in the capital, is far from being always drinkable.

Embassy of Albania in the United States

571 avenue Marceau 75116 Paris Tel: 01 45 53 51 32 or 01 45 53 50 95 Fax: 01 45 53 89 38 Email

Embassy of the United States in Albania

144 Skenderbeg Street - Tirana Tel: [355] (4) 234 054 - 234 250 Fax: [355] (4) 234 442