Week 14: Changes at Mom

Overflowing with energy, you do not suffer much from the fatigue and nausea that had darkened the first weeks of your pregnancy. In case of persistent digestive disorders, we gives you expert advice. On the other hand, baby continues its development and becomes more and more agile: he is already able to suck his thumb ..

Week 14: the evolution of the fetus

You start the second trimester of pregnancy with an energy that should surprise you! Do not take advantage of this to engage in activities that are too tiring, you still have to spare yourself a few months .. Read more

Pregnant, station for digestive troubles!

The sex of baby becomes visible from the 12th week with training for the boys of the glans and the foreskin during the 14th week. It is during the second ultrasound, performed between the 17th and the 24th week that it will be revealed to you by the ultrasound.
Skin changes

During pregnancy, women often eat whatever they want. Yet the digestive apparatus is not always up to par. Update on Transient Disorders of Pregnant Women Read more

Pregnancy: Where do these nausea come from?

Focus on the 2nd Prenatal Exam

When will you give birth?

During pregnancy, the skin of the mother can be put to strain. From the mask of pregnancy to the stretch marks, discover the small ailments of the skin of the pregnant woman .. Read more

Are nausea that affect many women during the first trimester of pregnancy only a consequence of an unusual sharpness of smell? This is the thesis advocated by two gynecologists from Stanford University, California. Read more

This second review is crucial. During your visit, your practitioner will weigh you, check your blood pressure, perform a urine test and have a serology against toxoplasmosis and rubella. The condition of your cervix and the heart rhythm of your baby will also be checked. Read more

You are pregnant, congratulations! And you know that the pregnancy will last nine months ... But is not this figure rounded? And from when do we begin to count just: the end of the rules, ovulation, conception? No need to take the lead, here is a simple and convenient tool to calculate the date of your delivery.

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