Erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation ... It is often difficult to confide and these problems can lead to a degradation of the lives of the victims. But finding your sexual health is today as often as possible. You will find at the ADIRS an attentive ear that preserves your anonymity.

What are the ways of ADIRS?

ADIRS is a non-profit association, created by French doctors, which joins the initiative of some European countries to provide the general public with information on sexuality, by means of a helpline. >

What is ADIRS?

On the basis of the fact that misconceptions and multiple cultural and religious taboos all too often maintain apprehension and embarrassment to consult, they have chosen to make available to the public an indigo number so that the anonymity of the appeal can Enable the persons concerned to overcome their reluctance.

ADIRS was created

To reach a wide audience, ADIRS has different means

A first office has been set up, with a scientific committee bringing together the best French specialists to guarantee the quality of the information disseminated.

To inform objectively about sexuality, related problems, solutions or treatments available to both the general public and teachers, educators, journalists and caregivers; To help individuals or couples experiencing sexual Access structures that will help them find answers or solve their problems To help research in the field of sexuality

A helpline (indigo): 0 825 00 00 10 (open Monday from 9 am to 5 pm and Friday from 2 pm to 6 pm) A team of sexologist doctors to answer the calls A website: http // www .adirs.org An Individual Written Response Service A Documentation Provider's Service An Annual Information Day A Newsletter Link