Your belly takes a lot bigger

As the belly increases, the baby presses on the stomach and diaphragm, resulting in heartburn and lack of air, not to mention dizziness. The best remedy for these problems is rest. This will be the watchword of your 32nd week of pregnancy (= 34th week of amenorrhea)!

The time of the 3rd ultrasound

You have the impression that your belly will literally "explode"! Normal, the volume of your uterus has been multiplied by 500! It begins (continues?) To bother you, especially at the time of sleep: it becomes indeed very difficult to find a good position in the bed. To make matters worse, as the belly grows, the baby puts pressure on the bladder. Result: you are obliged to get up several times in the night to go to the toilet. But the baby also pushes the stomach, the intestines and the diaphragm, hence the heartburn, the stomach ache and the lack of air, not to mention the dizziness because of the compression of the vessels. The best way to deal with all these inconveniences is to rest. It is possible that you will feel these famous "Braxton-Hicks contractions", a simple repetition of the body before the actual delivery. These contractions have nothing to do with those that testify to the beginning of work.

To forget all that, remember that you have appointment with baby on the occasion of the 3rd and last compulsory ultrasound. This review helps to make a health check of your child. So you can be reassured and better prepared for the approaching birth. The last compulsory ultrasound also allows the medical team to have an overview of the conditions of delivery according to the presentation of the baby and insertion of the placenta

Calculation of the date of your maternity leave

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