Week 3: Changes at Mom

Your periods have not arrived on the usual date ... A pregnancy test should confirm the good news: you are pregnant! Looking closer, certain signs had probably alerted you. Baby is activated and doubles in volume every day!

Week 3: the evolution of the embryo

Some changes may have already put the chip on your ear. Normal, your body begins to react to the great hormonal upheaval to which it is subjected: tired, irritated, changing mood ... you do not recognize yourself anymore! If you have not done so, get a pregnancy test Read more

Preventing malformations by food

At 3 weeks, the embryo doubled in volume each day. It has an elongated body of about 1.25 mm. It is at this time that his small heart begins to beat through the fusion of two blood vessels. Zoom on this astonishing machinery. Read more

The keys to smoking cessation

The intake of iron, iodine, calcium, vitamin B9 and D must be significantly higher at the beginning of pregnancy and sometimes even as soon as the woman has the desire to make a child. This is the time to take good habits to lead a pregnancy with serenity! Read more

Mom at any age

Pertussis: Baby protection goes through you!

Zero alcohol during pregnancy

The harmful effects of maternal smoking are no longer to be demonstrated! Yet many pregnant women continue to smoke. How to help them quit cigarettes? What are the recommended weaning methods ?; Read more

Tell me how old you are, I'll tell you what mother you are! At 20, 30 or 40, mothers do not have exactly the same ways of approaching birth and raising their child! Material concerns, time management, patterns of care ... A survey took stock of the different profiles of these moms today. Read more

Unrecognized illness, whooping cough is wrongly considered part of the past. It is back in force with worrying effects in newborns, the only means of protection of which is based on a good vaccination coverage of adults.

Calculation of the date of your maternity leave

Every week, your personalized pregnancy tracking: see an example