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Thread: Lip balm repair, Clarins

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    Lip balm repair, Clarins

    In winter, a lip care is as essential as a down jacket, gloves or a moisturizer. We suggest you to discover Clarins lip balm remedy that has the good idea to combine intense care and sparkling glamor.

    Most of the time, lip care is very effective: they moisturize, nourish and repair. But let's face it, seductive side, do not count on them ... So, what was not our surprise when discovering Clarins repair balm! In addition to a very good restorative action, it has the power to make them slightly shiny as under the effect of gloss, less sticky.

    To restore our lips aggressed by the cold all their natural beauty, this care balm acts in three steps

    - It repairs cracks and irritations by helping the skin to play its role of protective barrier thanks to Ceramides 3 (which have the same function as cutaneous lipids)

    - It brings comfort and hydration to the lips even the most irritated thanks to the essential wax of rose (that one finds on the surface of the petals of the flower). This wax added to the shea tree deposits a protective film on the surface of the skin which prevents it from dehydrating

    - Finally, the repairing lip balm repulps and embellishes thanks to an active (Maxi Lip) which promotes the synthesis of hyaluronic acid. It also contains vegetable extract derived from rice oil which has the power to stimulate skin microstimulation and give a nice pink effect to the lips.

    The balm repairer lips thus accumulates the good points to become THE must of winter. But not only, because once the winter is over, our lips will always need moisturization to better shine. Between beauty and comfort, do not hesitate any more: take both!

    Lip balm repair - Clarins - 16 €

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    Re: Lip balm repair, Clarins

    Use Maybelline lip care lip balm

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