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    My hair in winter - Hair

    1) Cleaning smoothly

    Winter is not the best season for our hair. Hot / cold, wind, rain, static electricity, our hair is not at the party! As soon as the first frost hangs and attacks your hair, offer them a cocooning program with our advice.

    2) Feeding deeply

    To take care of one's hair in winter, one must first make a good diagnosis of their general health. It is according to their nature that they can really be pampered.

    3) Stylish beauty

    We opt for gentleness. Depending on the nature of your scalp, you will perform 2 to 3 shampoos Per week (if it is fat) and if it is dry, only one will suffice. A care corresponding the nature of your scalp. The idea that our hair is more fat in winter because of our too rich diet, "has not been proven scientifically" says Catherine Chauvin, director of the René Furterer Institute in Paris. So do not go looking for special winter shampoo, but rather consider the nature of your hair. On the other hand, if you go skiing, "your hair will be exposed to sunlight and there, solar capillaries will be needed." Apply your shampoo with gentleness. Lather it with light massage with your fingertips, but not with your fingernails, you risk injuring your scalp (even tiny lesions are enough to tarnish the vitality of your hair). Rub gently and rinse thoroughly to leave no residue on your hair, which would weigh them down. Massage is an act of health for your hair which, as Catherine Chauvin points out, "stimulates the microcirculation and allows to bring all the nutrients to the level of the bulb."

    4) Our favorite products

    Once your hair is washed, it is necessary to nourish them deeply, especially if they are curly or colored, thus weakened. If the stalls are full of shampoos, it is not always easy to make the right choice. Opt for a solution rich in nourishing and repairing active ingredients such as shea butter or safflower oil. Winter tends to cover her head with caps and hats that suffocate the hair, cause static electricity and can even Make it fall. Do not overuse headwear and let your mane breathe to the maximum. And to strengthen your hair in the heart of winter, you can make a cure of dietary supplements that will bring them the vitamins they lack.

    To rid your hair of all its impurities (dead cells, pollution ...), the shampoos are not enough, you must supplement them by a daily brushing. Using a natural fiber brush, comb your hair from the root (without touching the scalp) to the tips. In winter, there is no question of removing wet hair, the hairdryer becomes unavoidable . But to avoid excessively aggressing your hair, ventilate to cold from time to time and do not approach the device too close to the capillary rods. And for the long hair, dry them upside down, it will ventilate them. Note that it is not necessary to use in excess the blow-drives, which are bad enough for the health of your hair. If you still a follower of smoothing, use "a preparer based on essential oils that will protect the scalp."

    Rich and precious, the shea nut intensely nourishes the driest hair. This shampoo contains 12% nutritive oils based on Shea. Nutritive Shampoo - René Furterer - 10 € (150 ml)

    With this royal jelly care, L'Oréal uses the night to replenish the most damaged hair. The new generation silicone does not weigh down the hair, but the sheath for better protection. Intensively nourished, the hair wakes up bright and full of life Elixir by night - L'Oreal - 10,65 € (150 ml)

    Thanks to Catherine Chauvin, Director of the René Furterer Institute in Paris.

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    Re: My hair in winter - Hair

    Hair care Guidelines For Winter season
    1. Fight The Flakes
    2. Control Frizz
    3. Shine And Bounce
    4. Olive Oil For Maintaining Hair Health
    5. Drying Your Hair: Do It Right
    6. Conditioning: Do It Right

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