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Thread: Sensitive skin: tips and tricks

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    Sensitive skin: tips and tricks

    The good gestures

    Sensitive skin is ultra-reactive and needs special attention if you want to avoid the risk of allergies. Discover all our tips to take care of sensitive skin.

    Do not do

    Begin by emptying your beauty cabinet and keep only one or two creams. Sensitive skin is very often allergic and only support a few specific products. Choose them rather unflavoured and hypoallergenic to limit the risks of allergy. Use gentle cleansing lotions and thermal water misters. Do not forget to dry your skin by dabbing it with a tissue. Use protective soothing and regulating micro-circulation. At night, prefer a richer and hypoallergenic cream.

    Do not exfoliate scrubs or masks that may irritate your skin. Banish the soaps and loaves of toilet that attack it, dry it and make it even more reactive. Avoid sudden temperature deviations, air-conditioned atmospheres, consumption of alcohol and certain foods such as coffee or spices. Makeup products can cause allergies. To limit the risks, choose them hypoallergenic. Finally, if a treatment suits you, keep it faithful. The too frequent changes sensitize the skin.

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    Re: Sensitive skin: tips and tricks

    some simple ways to follow to take care of ur sensitive skin
    1. Moisturize your skin:
    2. Keep away from the sun:
    3. Wash your face:
    4. Take care of your eyes:
    5. Use facial cleansing wipes:
    6. Overall care for sensitive skin:
    7. Choose Cosmetics Carefully:

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