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    Color blonde

    Blonde color on brown hair: warning

    Many dream of having the hair of Brigitte Bardot era 60's, Cameron Diaz way surfeuse, Catherine Deneuve version Peau D'Ane, or even Jennifer Aniston or Kate Winslet. For they say, men would prefer blondes. But before trading his mysterious brown for golden ears, it is better to be aware of some wise advice, which we will give you!

    Blonde color on brown hair: the professional is always right

    Ladies, ladies, before spinning headlong to the hairdresser to demand a blond Nordic, ask yourself a few questions. For becoming blond is not an innocuous transformation and induces a change, however slender, psychological. Once lightened, your hair will condition your pace so that it will no longer have the same impact on your surroundings. We look at you more, we find you suddenly sexier, not to mention clich├ęs that you will not avoid.

    Blonde color on brown hair: the art of preserving its color

    Then it's also a budget. Since this transformation can not reasonably be done at home (unless it ruins its capillary capital and resembles a bunch of straw), it will be necessary to go through the institute box ... And there, A hundred euros. If after considering you decide to rally the ship of the golden heads, here is the procedure to be followed, orchestrated by the talent of Tom Marcireau, head of hairstyle of the House of High Beauty Carita

    Blonde coloring: ultimate recommendations

    First of all, it is a matter of making a diagnosis. Becoming blonde without (too much) damaging your hair fiber will take longer depending on the natural color of your hair (brown, dark brown, chestnut, light brown, dark blond). Know that the darker your hair, the more delicate the operation. Objectively, it is necessary to express what you desire with precision to the hairdresser, to tell him everything that can pass you by the head. It is also very important to tell everything to his hairdresser. He must know everything about your capillary trajectory: color, wicks, sweeping, henna ... Even the most insignificant things that would have been done more than 6 months before, because the blonde will not be the same according to the parameters. Code>

    Then, just listen to the tips of the pro, because there are different kinds of blond that do not go to everybody. Your complexion and your original color are also to be taken into account. In general, nature is well done because a white blonde will not go to a very dark woman.

    Once this first step is over, it is better that the discoloration of your hair is done in several times so as not to damage it and thus keep a healthy hair. Moreover, as it is often carried out by sweeping (two or three, in particular for long hair, that is to say under the maxilla) with a color or oil finish, spreading the sessions over several weeks makes it possible to better Get used to his new head but also to work the blonde and give him relief. A contrasting blonde is prettier than a uniform color that tends to fade the face. And, little precision, no need to dye your eyebrows, it extinguishes the look.

    Being a beautiful blonde, it requires maintenance. Lots of maintenance. It is thus essential to oil regularly his hair, especially about twenty minutes before washing to cover them and enclose the scales, which will preserve their quality and brilliance. It is also necessary to operate several masks per week and systematically apply after shampoo after each wash. The goal is to avoid the drying of the mane, problem recurrent in the blondes. Just like the famous root effect! A fitting, to be performed every 3 weeks to a month and a half, depending on the nature of your hair, not to end up with a rarely elegant demarcation, is mandatory.

    Be patient ! Do not rush to your hairdresser the day before an event to demand a radical change. Unless he has no professional conscience and you boil his hair, he will refuse such a request. Then it is better to make an appointment during the week to benefit from the best conditions of care and the time necessary for your capillary change. Allow approximately 3:30 hours per session with the application time of the bleaching powder, the laying, the rinsing and the styling. And do not be disappointed with the first results, which is very common, because we can not have a satisfactory blond the first time!

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