Act at the end of the effort

Eating well before exercise is good. But managing recovery is better! Because after the match or training, you have to make the right food choices. This makes it possible to regain the form ... and to prepare the next match or training! we gives you adapted advice and ends some received ideas ...

And on the rest of the day ...

Well manage recovery, it requires a good feed.

The ideas received to banish

Especially do not let fatigue, cramps or muscle pain settle down. How to do? The measures to be taken begin at the end of the exercise and extend until the next meal. After a game or hard workout, you first need to rehydrate to eliminate toxins and compensate for mineral losses. In practice: drink one third of liter of bicarbonate-rich soda water. Then we have to start rebuilding our energy reserves. For this, a quick supply of carbohydrates must be ensured, either by adding sugar in the sparkling water, or by cutting it with fruit juice. Sodas (fruit or cola) or sweet tea should be avoided as they are too rich in sugar and rehydrate badly.

On the other hand, milk, if you have no problem digesting it, is very effective against the lactic acid produced by the muscles. Then, about an hour after the end of the effort, solid carbohydrates can be consumed: for example, a cereal bar, 4 to 5 cookies or a rice pudding. Banana and dried fruits are also good salvage foods.

Unless after the last final of the season, a well watered feast is never recommended after the game! Because athletes must always prepare for the next deadline. Thus, the first meal after the effort must above all guarantee a good recovery. Ideally, it consists of starchy foods (pasta, rice, potato, bread ...) to complete the replenishment of glycogen reserves, a lean meat ration, fish or eggs, to complete the intake Protein needed for muscle recovery, and vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins and minerals. The fat intake should remain limited. For dessert: a dairy to replenish its calcium stores and a fruit, especially dried fruits such as prunes, for potassium which limits the appearance of cramps. For the rest of the day, as well as in the days following the match, do not forget to hydrate well, drinking 2 to 3 liters of water daily.

Good appetite and good recovery!