Thighs and calves in concrete by touching the sofa

In this time of televised sports, here are all our tips to optimize the time spent in front of the small screen to strengthen your muscles like during a real gym. Ideal to prepare before the summer!

Bye bye cellulite thanks to the foam ball

Euro 2008 obliges, your companion risks spending time in front of the small screen and not to pass for a flap-joy you decided to accompany him in his passion. Good news: watching a football match on TV will be beneficial for your figure. And yes, thanks to some simple exercises you will see how easy it is to redraw a silhouette of dream while watching football with your half.

Strong abs by pushing on his legs

This is the well-known exercise of the squat. After you get up to look for a glass of water, or the remote control, place the heels at 15 cm from the sofa, the feet are open in the shoulder width , The bust and the pelvis are straight. Fold the legs as if you wanted to sit down and stay the buttocks in a vacuum, 5 cm from the couch as long as possible. Attention, the calves and thighs must be at 90 °, it is not to crouch, under penalty of pinching the patella ligaments. During the entire exercise, avoid bending your chest forward. This movement is to be performed as many times as you wish. You can even challenge your friends to watch the match with you!

Arched arms with dips on the edge of the sofa

Sitting on the couch, feet together and flat on the floor, place a foam ball between your knees. While keeping your back straight, press the ball as hard as possible, as if you wanted to crush it. You will feel a contraction inside the thighs. It is the adductors who work. Stimulating this area will accelerate blood flow and effectively combat cellulite installed inside the thighs .; Fairly easy, this exercise can be performed for a good minute. Pause for 60 seconds and repeat until the ball falls.

Here is an excellent movement to consolidate the deep muscle of the abdominal strap: the transverse. It is he who keeps the organs in place and tightens the size. Still sitting on the sofa, the back is straight without being arched, head tall and shoulder blades tightened. Place your hands flat on the thighs, almost at the knees. Take a deep breath, and emptying the air from the lungs press your hands as hard as possible against the thighs while keeping your back straight, and stay 5 seconds like this. Recover for 15 seconds, then repeat 5 times. This movement is very powerful, you will feel a very intense contraction all around the belly and the back. If you want to make a second session during the game, place your right hand on the left thigh to intensify the work of the obliques, then reverse the cross. Br>

A little less discreet, this movement intended to reinforce the back of the arms will be one of the favorites of your companion! Seated, rest on your hands resting on the edge of the sofa to take off your buttocks from the seat. Try to stretch your legs because the more your heels will be away from the sofa, the more heavy the load to wear by the triceps. Make sure your hands are aligned with your shoulders. Inhale down and exhale up. You must return to the initial position. For women, it is advisable to make easy and long series (15 to 20 movements). For men who want to take a little volume, it is necessary to do 10 sets of 10 difficult movements with 1minute of recovery between each.

Good luck, and good game!