How do I dress?

It is not because you have a good round belly and a multitude of bans to respect for baby health that you will not be able to finish the year in beauty! Here are all our tips to wake up pregnant.

How do I Pomponne?

Molded in your most beautiful festive dress, the tired eye and the dull hair, you are afraid to wander between homemade foie gras, champagne and wild dancers. Do not panic, you have the right to have fun even if you are pregnant. Small tips for safe baby feasting

What do I eat?

The little evening gown is not forbidden to you, quite the contrary! Either you invest in a model for future moms, or you already own a dress empire waist (cut under the chest) whose model will stick perfectly with your silhouette. The important thing: feel at ease. Prefer soft materials (especially on the belly to avoid itching) and ample cuts at the waist. You can also opt for black pants or skirt and chic blouse. A tip if you do not have a model "pregnant woman": just tie the button under the chest and wear it with a top with fine shoulder straps underneath. This is the moment or never to highlight your splendid cleavage! Do not forget to invest in a suitable bra ... If you are embarrassed by the retention of water in the legs, opt for a very chic evening dress.
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How do I get it physically?

Are you in your first trimester of pregnancy and worried about confusing your round belly with extra pounds? Accessorize your outfit with a headband (sequined version or sequins) to tie around the waist. For pantyhose, know that there are special "future mom" more extensible and taller in size.

Finally, for shoes, stay reasonable. The heels may accentuate your camber and cause you eventually back pain. Besides, they multiply your chances of falling (already larger due to the displacement of your center of gravity) and hurt you (since your ligaments are particularly relaxed). In addition, they will not help you in case of swollen ankles. In short, your shoe shopping winner: ballerinas, flat boots or pumps with small stable heels (one size above your usual size if needed!). Do not forget to bring a waistcoat or a woolen stole to put on at the end of the evening because this is not the time to catch cold. You're lucky, warm mesh mix and silky fabric is fashionable!

During pregnancy, bans also follow you in the bathroom! So, it is better to avoid cosmetics containing parabens, alcohol and essential oils. The more you choose natural products, the less risk you will have for baby. Your skin and hair turn out to be hyper demanding at this time ...

To replace the perfume, opt for a shower gel, a cream (especially for the hands) or a perfumed deodorant. On the make-up side, bring as much light as possible with a light-tinted, slightly sparkling tinted cream (a foundation covering if you suffer from acne), a fresh blush (orange or pink) and a good ankle. Do not force on the dark colors that will accentuate your signs of fatigue and your possible imperfections (redness, comedones or mask of pregnancy). Very important in all cases and for a make-up that holds for a long time: hydrate your skin well after the shower (with a mastifying care if you suffer from excess of sebum).

To replace varnish that contains too many toxic compounds, consider a polisher that will give your nails a slightly pinkish tint and a natural shine. On the hair removal side, prefer the sugar-based wax to depilatory cream. Finally, for your hair, do not hesitate to offer you a cup that instantly replenishes morale and even a color (based on natural pigments).

In order of appearance, all you can politely remove from your plate to avoid the risk of listeriosis and toxoplasmosis: raw crustaceans, raw or uncooked fish and meats (in rillettes and marinated too), tarama and mayonnaise, Foie gras, smoked salmon and artisanal sausages (if they are pre-packaged and properly preserved in the refrigerator, no worries but less good so ....), soft cheeses and cheese crusts and finally Desserts made with raw egg (ice creams, logs, mousses, creams ...). Raw fruits and vegetables must have been thoroughly cleaned. As for drinks, alcohol is obviously to be avoided. For the gesture, you can toast with non-alcoholic sparkling with your friends in 2010. Prefer mineral water (fizzy if you want but without excess) or fresh fruit juices.
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For the rest, it's about choosing what makes you happy (after all, it's the first baby's birthday!) Without cumulating too many greasy and sweet foods, more difficult to digest but also to eliminate ... Do not forget to eat slowly and in small quantities to facilitate the digestion of the feast

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