Sex: a play of the body and the mind!

With the re-entry, the question of the influence of our job on our galipettes arises. The results of a recent survey on the subject are quite alarming. Stress, pressure and fatigue would not favor our frolics. The point with Dr. Sylvain Mimoun and his tracks to gleam again ...

Stress, libido inhibitor?

If the holidays have reconciled you with the sex and the erotic dimension of the couple, it is possible that on the contrary the office and its obligations, act like powerful inhibitors of your libido. This is not the case for everyone, fortunately. A survey carried out by the firm Technologia (in March 2012) yielded edifying results. 66.6% of respondents say that stress plays a negative role on their libido, and 72% point to fatigue as the main inhibiting factor! A quarter of them have sexual disorders due mainly to work-related stress. How to interpret its numbers and what lesson to learn?

Equality between men and women!

These figures do not seem to surprise Dr. Mimoun, who gives us his expertise: "We must keep in mind that for a fulfilling sexual relationship, both partners must be reassured and stimulated." Given the current context, the negative effects of work on the libido of a couple, is not very surprising! The galloping insecurity encountered in work is of increasing concern to wage earners and other professions, acting as a veritable parasite of the mind. This sentiment strongly relayed by the media on the one hand, and the community, lasts once returned home, not favoring the inclinations of the two partners for the trifle. The distancing is no longer a mere formality, but a choice to "hold".

Stressful work and zero libido: Solutions exist!

As for fatigue, it would seem today to go with the exercise of his job. Loss of energy, back or stomach pains, and other negative effects of our ways of working on our body have become frequent and are rarely seen as starters to chain the positions of the Kama Sutra! Fatigue at work really impacts the body live, hindering in fact the possibility of being stimulated, and the prospect that the body exults!

We are not all equal in the face of stress. Inhibitor for some, it can also prove to be a booster for others. Many experts have examined the dangerous links between power (great generator of stress) and sex. What goes for high-flying policy, is also true for the company. "It all depends on the nature of the stress, depending on whether it is perceived as" bad "or" good "stress" says Dr. Mimoun. In the first case, pressures, working rhythms, and a real overload result in chronic stress, resulting in increased anxiety, resulting in loss of desire when it is not sexual. Br>

Conversely, stress can be challenging! "If it is well managed and responds to personal choices to meet challenges, then it is a powerful booster of energy, including sexual," adds our expert. The sometimes intense pleasure that goes with the taste of the performance and the passing of oneself, can have a very positive impact on the libido!

We are not all equal to this phenomenon. The differences between men and women are still valid! According to the same survey, 84% of women surveyed admit to suffering from work-related sexual problems, compared to only 65.4% of men! "If men can use sex as an activity of relaxation, it is quite different for women, who on the contrary need certain conditions to feel available," explains Dr. Mimoun.

Women are generally more whole, they mobilize all their energy on a project. When they encounter difficulties in its realization, they are for the most part very concerned, and little inclined to trifle, to change their ideas!

The man, conversely, as long as he has not exceeded his threshold of resistance to stress and fatigue, will seek to change ideas, and to throw himself into sexual activity, to forget! Mating and taking pleasure will allow her to better manage her stress.

To summarize, the work generating stress and fatigue will most often intervene in woman as a parasite, and interfere on her desire and her body! A man, to make up for a work of concern may wish to relax by doing, love ... and so do not exceed a critical threshold!

In conclusion, the management of stress must be taken into account first and foremost, especially if it takes place chronically, for both men and women. Train to overwork, too! React at the first signs of fatigue before switching to exhaustion. Replenishing energy regularly is not a luxury but a necessity. A distance from the work, once the door closed, is unavoidable. It can be Learnt ! Once these three points are taken into account, it remains to overcome misunderstandings "men / women" and to make erotic appointments, together. As you would book a restaurant or a show. Fulfilled sexuality takes time to stimulate bodies like fantasies!


Cabinet Technologia conducted a study on the negative effects of working life on sex life (March 2012)

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